our story

We’ve been friends for more than a decade, yet each with our own group of friends, and interests. Our shared love for paper and memory-keeping was one of our reasons for creating Life Documented Manila.

The three of us began making scrapbooks when we were kids, doing it the simplest way: getting a scrapbook and sticking on photos and various ephemera. Over the years, as we learned new ideas, and discovered and hoarded various products, our memory-keeping ways also evolved.

We are the paper, photo, and memorabilia hoarders:



Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them — so go out and start creating.

I scrapbook mainly because I want to remember — big things, little things, everything in between. I see myself 20 years from now looking back at my memories and smiling over the details I’ve managed to capture and my thoughts at that moment. That’s always been my main motivation to scrapbook, really. (Oh, and the pretty paper, too. Because who can resist the pretty paper? ;)! )



Let’s go on a living spree.

I will be the first to tell you: I was not artsy growing up. I was terrible at drawing (even the most basic stick figures), had horrible penmanship (still do), and did nothing art-related in my spare time until 2013. What I did enjoy throughout the years was taking photos on my travels and writing words to tell stories about my adventures. I capture my daily life and past travels through Project Life. I love how easy and simple it is, even for non-artsy people like me.



Satisfy your curiosity.

One of the first scrapbooks I made was about Leonardo DiCaprio. I was twelve, had a mad crush on the guy (am still a big fan), and wanted a way to compile info and photos I collected. Since then, I’ve made albums about my own life, particularly my barkada, high school classes, and some trips I’ve taken. This hobby is perfect for me because I love taking photos, hoarding papers (even holding on to random bits), and making memories. These days, I love using the pocket-page style of scrapbooking to document my life.



We believe in the importance and power of stories. As memory keepers, what better way to tell the most important ones–the stories from our lives, than through the use of pictures and words?

We are so excited to share our memory-keeping projects and experiences with you, and we hope that you join us in building the local community of memory-keepers.