Currently: May 11, 2015

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CH: I was reading a few pages of Show Your Work by Austin Kleon before snoozing last night!
Pinky: This NYTimes article on Kris Jenner and her business savvy. I got it through Longreads, a Twitter account that links to interesting (but long) articles. Super timely, I’m marathoning Keeping Up with The Kardashians.
Yam: Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen. Been waiting for this!

CH: I watched Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover in San Francisco (curious to see the places he’s eating at) and while I love that they super weren’t touristy, I can’t really relate (he went to at least three dive bars!)
Pinky: I caught the Avengers over the weekend. Liked it, but not as much as the first movie.
Yam: the Revenge finale, plus have you seen Ed Sheeran’s Photograph music video? ADORABLE. Love the footage used from his family’s archives 🙂

Currently…listening to:
CH: My roommate yakking. I need thicker walls 🙂
Pinky: Sam Smith! His concert was supposed to be yesterday evening but it got cancelled because he has some health issues to attend to. Hoping the new date for his concert is favorable.
Yam: to my Bruno Mars playlist. I’ve been in the mood to listen to his songs these past few days.

CH: … to be done with school! One last week for this semester, gotta power through.
Pinky: I have non-buyers remorse over this pair of shoes at Nine West that I didn’t buy! 🙁
Yam: several tees from Uniqlo’s Star Wars collection! Not sure if the collection is available in Manila yet (seems not), so I’ll try to be patient and wait until it hits stores.

CH: IKEA. I like to joke that it’s my version of Disneyland! I have to make quite the trip to get to the one in my area, but it’s worth it every time. (They had baby back ribs today — I love that they serve food, too!)
Pinky: Slowwwwly getting back into the rhythm of my daily life. The jetlag is pretty bad, though.
Yam: the available colors of Leuchtturm1917 planners and journals at National Book Store! Gotta get myself some notebooks when I get back to Manila.

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