Currently: May 4, 2015

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CH: Articles on the Mayweather – Pacquiao fight. Sigh!
Pinky: Many of the posts on my Facebook feed about Pacquiao-Mayweather!
Yam: Golden Son: Book II of the Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown. Got this weeks ago,but only getting to it now.

CH: The new Game of Thrones episode. Love Sundays.
Pinky: I spent most of the weekend sick in bed with a Marvel Marathon playing on TV. Funny how I still haven’t seen The Avengers 2 and probably won’t until I get back to Manila!
Yam: BIGBANG’s performances on yesterday’s Inkigayo. There was a gap between the big boxing match (Pacquiao vs Mayweather) and the livestream of the show, but I ended up sleeping. We woke up early to watch the fight. So much for a nap!

Currently…listening to:
CH: Been on an Ingrid Michaelson binge lately!
Pinky: Jimmy Kimmel singing along to Pacquiao’s entrance song, which I thought was just adorable.
Yam: the new songs from BIGBANG — Loser, and Bae Bae. Love the new music after three years!!!

CH: An extra week to catch up on backlog work.
Pinky: Not to be sick anymore! Stupid food poisoning 🙁
Yam: to participate in all the sales (ha!), the fun, plus the challenges from National/International Scrapbooking Day last Saturday. Didn’t get to sit down and scrap on the actual day.

CH: Family time! Just got back from my solo trip and straight to LA for a family reunion — always great seeing all my cousins, mostly around my age. Non-stop chatting all weekend 🙂
Pinky: Lots of quality time with friends and family here in the US.
Yam: using clear stamps to decorate plain, colorful note cards. I’m on a mission to write more letters again this year.

* * *

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