Pinky’s Project Life: Using Clearly Kelly Stamps by Hero Arts

Project Life TuesdayEvery once in a while I get an idea in my head to limit myself to certain products only. I get easily overwhelmed with the materials that I have and I find that paring things down helps me get things done quicker.

Over the long Easter weekend (Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are holidays in the Philippines), I wanted to make use of the free time to accomplish a spread for my PL using Clearly Kelly stamps. Kelly Purkey has been a great friend and co-collaborator to CH, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to bring in some of her products to our shop.

I ended up bringing most of my cards in zip-locks, because I have FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. I always think, “What if I have a better card that would go perfectly with this picture?” It’s no surprise that I work very very slowly.


So I ended up bringing almost all my cards with me on vacation. I also brought a good number of alpha stickers and some embellishments. I am not much of an embellisher but I try to use up what I have. Everything fit in a giant zip-lock, which made it convenient to pack.  This is what I came up with:


This spread is actually quite unlike me; I didn’t use a single full-pocket photo. I’m also trying something new – condensing each week into just one page instead of the traditional two. I’ll let you guys know how it goes in the long run.



I stamped these sentiments from the Clearly Kelly – Daily Life stamp set.



I love that KP makes these tiny strips of stamps. I especially love this particular stamp set, Clearly Kelly – No Comment, because it’s for bad days, which we all have. I think don’t think there are enough stamps that help deal with negative feelings.

PMN_PL_Apr_3 I really wanted to use the alpha stamps, Clearly Kelly – Outline Letters, but I miscalculated and ended up botching it, but was too lazy to re-do it. Love these letters. The blue tab stamp on the other side is from the Daily Life stamp set.


I am also delighted by these Clearly Kelly sticky notes (the green square on the left). Tiny sticky notes are cool.


Another botched use of the alphas! I miscalculated which ‘R’ should be in the center and ended up with an uneven label. Managed to make use of the little star stamps from the Daily Life stamp set to do something with that space. The ‘B’ is almost unreadable. Thankfully my laziness balances out over my OCD or else I would be redoing these over and over! The ‘Good Friends Good Food’ stamp is from the Clearly Kelly Food Coma stamp set.


I also  like that I was able to use this particular card for Leonard Nimoy :'( LLAP. You can glimpse the gold foil card on the other pocket. Gold foil is my latest obsession.

Maybe I should’ve titled this post “How to make lots of mistakes and still keep going” 🙂 On a positive note, I ended up purging about half of the cards I had to give away to a friend in the coming months. I feel good about it too! Turning my FOMO to JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) 😛

 * * *

The Clearly Kelly stamps now available in our shop, and we’ve got a summer sale going on! Grab what you can, while you still can!


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