Currently: April 6, 2015

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CH: Buzzfeed articles on Furious 7. Huhuhu. Paul. 🙁
Pinky: The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. It’s finally gotten to the juicy part!
Yam: Mosquitoland by David Arnold, and Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum

CH: Elise Cripe (love herrrrr)’s WDS talk. So inspired to make stuff. I love that she’s all about creative experiments — I need to learn more about being more flexible, especially in creative projects.
Pinky: The Fast & The Furious 7. All the tears, huhu. Paul Walker, gone too soon. 🙁
Yam: Fast & Furious 7 with a heavy heart. Paul Walker :((

Currently…listening to:
CH: Tiffany Han’s podcast — the latest ep is gooooood.
Pinky: The music from Empire is so good! I just finished watching it this weekend.
Yam: to Tudor Williams for days now. Heard about him through Amy Tan, after she used one of his songs in a video.

CH: Time to stand still! I need to catch up on so many things.
Pinky: Need to start fixing up my itinerary for LA and SF!
Yam: to go for a swim! It’s been so hot, sometimes locking myself in an airconditioned room isn’t enough. I think everyone was at the pool at the club this weekend!

CH: All this cleaning I’m doing. Was dreading it at first, but having a clean space does wonders for your state of mind, no?
Pinky: Great long weekend spent with family. <3 Our Jakarta-based cousins surprised us in Tagaytay!
Yam: the long holiday for Holy Week, and the lovely Easter Sunday spent with the family.

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