Project Life Tuesday: Weekly Documenting by Amelia

Project Life TuesdayWe love how more people are becoming more aware about pocket page scrapbooking, and it’s been wonderful seeing the local community of memory-keepers grow. There are many scrapbook enthusiasts not just in the Philippines, but around Asia as well.

Early this month, two of us (Pinky and Yam) met with Amelia in Singapore. It’s nice to be able to meet and have face to face conversations with people you first meet online. In our case, it was through Instagram. We talked a lot about our common hobby and more! Today, Amelia shares with us her experience with pocket page scrapbooking.

PL TUESDAY- AMELIADo you have any prior experience with making your own scrapbook or memory-keeping in general? I still remember when I started making my own scrapbooks as a teenager and I absolutely loved the experience.


How did you get started with the pocket-page style (Project Life) of scrapbooking? After much deliberation, I started memory keeping with Project Life in 2012 as it started gaining increasing popularity. Sadly, I quickly fell off the bandwagon in the middle of the year. I let 2013 go undocumented (which I wish I hadn’t!), and began Project Life again in 2014. While I’m still catching up on 2014, I’m determined to finish and actually continue in 2015 too. I recently shared on my blog how I started scrapbooking and Project Life in more detail.

PL Tue - Amelia 1

What kind of documentation did you use in your album (monthly, weekly, highlights, themed: travel, event, etc.) For my Project Life album, I use the weekly format. If I need to include more photos for particular week or event, I use inserts to help tell my story.

How long does it usually take you to work on one spread or layout? From start to finish (uploading, editing, printing photos and completing the layout), I could take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, depending on how decisive I am. When I already have my photos printed and my layout planned, the process goes much faster and I could get it done in half the time.

I actually prefer working in batches so I have different parts of the spread complete by the time I sit down and finish it proper.

PL Tue - Amelia PLWK7A
I love including instax photos and flaps in my spreads, which make things more interactive and give me room for additional photos. I also love the color scheme of this spread!

PL Tue - Amelia PLWK7B

What did you like about the pocket-page system?
I love this system for so many reasons! Some of the biggest reasons are for its simplicity and flexibility. I also love that pocket scrapbooking gives me a place for all my memorabilia and the opportunity to capture the everyday moments that may go unnoticed otherwise.

Were you able to include any memorabilia in your album?  What are your favorite kinds of memorabilia to collect? Do you have a specific favorite one? How did you keep these little things throughout the year?
I absolutely love including memorabilia in my album. I don’t have a particular favorite but some of my favorite kinds of memorabilia to collect include ticket stubs, name cards or business cards, maps, brochures, coasters… Really, I’ll take any sort of paper that could fit in my album!

While memorabilia is such an integral part of my documenting, it’s also easy to lose track and get confused by all the piles of paper. To help me keep track of all the memorabilia I constantly collect, I have my entire album labeled and set up for the entire year (you can see how I did it for 2014 here). So when I get home with my memorabilia, I slot it into respective week of my album straightaway so I don’t lose any of it, or forget which week it needs to go into. If I have an especially thick stack of memorabilia, I stick them in a folder and label it with a post-it until I am ready to sort and use them.

PL Tue - Amelia PLWK9AThis week features a combination of printables from Paislee Press, fun labels and embellishments. Lots of photos this week, which is a pretty good thing!

PL Tue - Amelia PLWK9B

How do you choose which stories from your week to highlight, and document in your album?
Generally, the stories that make me laugh or think, “That was epic!” definitely have a place in my album. I also like having a week in review card on my spreads so at least I have the main events from that week recorded. I’m also learning to be more conscious of the everyday moments and get better at journaling the everyday routines and stories in my album.

Do you plan on making mini albums with specific themes?
Yes! On the top of my list are several travel albums for vacations I’ve taken. I would also like to make mini albums for specific themes, like for my collection of sunset photos.

PL Tuesday - Amelia Projects

We’re also usually curious about the process and organization of our fellow memory-keepers, so we have the following additional questions:

How and where do you print your photos?
I print my photos at a local printer where I can pick them up in an hour. Since I don’t have a photo printer at home, this is the option that works best for me now.

How do you keep your photos and supplies organized?
I’ll confess that I’m not as organized as I like to be with my photos and supplies. Since we live in a tiny apartment with space constraints, I have my supplies organized in Daiso boxes so at least they are fairly easy to find when I need them. Having limited storage space also helps me to be prudent with the new supplies I purchase.

What are your favourite products and tools to use?
It’s always hard to narrow down favorites! But paper always gets me super excited so patterned papers, core kits and printables are some of my favorite products. I also like to use wood veneer, washi tape and stamps on my spreads. Some of my must-have tools include a tiny attacher, paper trimmer, adhesive and black pens for writing!

PL Tues - Amelia Fave ToolsRead about my favorite tools here


Who are some of your favourite “Project Life-rs”, if any?
I love seeing how creatives like Kelly PurkeyAli Edwards and Amy Tan tackle their Project Life albums. My friends CayleeCatherineLauren and Kellie (amongst many others) also inspire me.

Amelia shares a couple more spreads from her 2014 Project Life album:

PL TUE AMELIA -PLWK14AIn contrast to my other spreads which predominantly feature photos, I didn’t have many photos this week. But I adore this spread where I got to use lots of One Little Bird products. You can still make two-page spreads without having tons of photos!



This week was a burst of color which reflected all the good stuff that happened this week.




PL TUE AMELIA-PLWK15CAny tips for those who want to make a similar project?
There are lots of tips I could share (like I did here), but my biggest tip is to start small, and do what works for you.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the inspiration and products that are easily available and accessible, but focus on your reasons for starting and remember that.

We always say that your photos + words are enough to make a nice project, but we cannot turn a blind eye on the variety of embellishments available. We like to call these as fun extras for projects. 

Pictured below are Amelia’s favorite embellishments. Read about them here

PL Tue Amelia - Fave Embellies

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