Pinky’s Project Life: Using Gold Foil Transparencies

Project Life TuesdayOne of the things I’ve been hoarding lately is gold foil transparencies. I’m a sucker for gold foil on cards, and having gold foil on transparencies (known as ‘acetate’ in the Philippines) takes it to a whole ‘nother level. I have a hard time using them though, because I usually have a lot going on in one spread. So many pictures, so many words. So I’m really happy to have been able to use them in this spread.

If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that Yam and I went to Singapore a few weeks ago to watch One Direction. We also flew back the next day to catch Ed Sheeran’s show in Manila. I had been thinking about how to capture these two epic concerts in my Project Life, which, admittedly I am super behind on.

I posted a great picture of the 1D boys on Instagram, one of the few clear shots that I was able to take with my iPhone:

The next morning, we flew to Manila to catch Ed Sheeran’s concert. It was also amazing, but our seats (though the view was good) were pretty far back so this is what I posted on Instagram:  

So last night, I decided to print both photos out in 12×12 size using this method I’ve written about before. Tried and tested, y’all. After that it was time to sift through my stash of gold foil transparencies for which ones looked good together.


The One Direction photo in particular had a good chunk of blank space up top, so I knew I could use the ‘Love this’ transparency there.


The Ed Sheeran photo has a 3×4 ‘You are Magic’ transparency next to the big one that says ‘You’re my fave’. I wanted something that would draw the eye to that area since you can’t even see his face. The photo shows off more of the drama of the lights and the overall feeling of the concert.

I’ll be putting the other pictures from the trip as inserts, so these two giant pictures will act as book-ends for this particular story in my album. 🙂

Do you, like me, hoard gold foil transparencies without using them much? Haha! The best part of this is, it was so easy to make! It’s been a while since I’ve created anything so hopefully this is the kick I need to start making again.

We’ll be at The Block Party at Makiling Park in Alabang this weekend to sell all the things you can see in our shop! Buyers get first dibs on the new Becky Higgins products we’ve brought in (Confetti, Adventure, Inspire, High Five, September Skies, Open Book, Fine and Dandy) as well as some Clearly Kelly stamps and new fun tools. See you there!

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