Christine’s Project Life: 2015 Plans!

Project Life Tuesday

Gotta admit: I’m loving 2015, and am super excited for my Project Life album this year.

I only completed 14 (!) spreads in 2014, so I’m making a promise to myself to set aside more time for PL. I’ve already carved out a space in my room where I can leave my album open to make it easy to slip in ephemera or notes in the middle of the week, so I remember to document things. Feels soooo good to play with stamps and print photos again! (Thank you, Project Life Tuesday. Hehhe.)

So! For 2015, I’ve decided to go with Studio Calico’s 9×12 Handbook. The size intrigued me — while I absolutely love my 6×8 album, I was excited to give this new size a try. (It’s super challenging, right off the bat — I had to think long and hard about what happened just this last week to fill it up!) Decided to go for one page per week (which, technically, is equivalent to one 6×8 spread in terms of the number of pockets.)

The first spread I completed for this year isn’t Week 1, but Week 8, which was just last week. I found that it was easier to start right now — and slowly work backwards to try to catch up. Here’s a peek at my 2015 Opener and my Week 8 spread:

 IMG_0874 copy

Project Life 2015 Opener
I decided to work with a 6×12 page, partly inspired by the awesome Kelly Purkey, and partly thought it’d be fun considering it was like a divider when put on top of a 9×12 page. If you notice, I made a little tab on the upper right corner to make it easier to flip. Used Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life stamps for the card + tab. Also used the 2015 title card from my Good Vibes kit w/ KP, and the Best Year card was a digi printable I designed, too. 😉

IMG_0870 copy

Week 8: February 16-22, 2015
Two things I’m currently obsessed with: Scandal, and KP’s awesome sticky tabs w/ the days of the week. You guys. I can put this on everything. Eeeeverything. If you notice, I put it on three of my cards, to indicate what day of the week it happened on. So simple.

The Love This and Keep it Real cards are from the same Good Vibes kit w/ KP. A lot of KP goodness going on, mainly because I was able to get some of her new stamps (Clearly Kelly) from a workshop a few weeks ago (you’ll see them here too: The Good Friends Good Food stamp, and the UGH alpha stamps!)


My favorite card this week, though, has got to be the <3 Coffee one on the upper left — I used my More Coffee digital brushes on it! (I cheated: I took that picture today, but I had coffee there last Thursday. Ehehhe. No rules!) 😉

One more snap from this spread (gah, ink spread as I put it in the pocket, but I quite enjoyed writing on photos this week — especially on all the whitespace on the Fifty Shades movie poster!)


Thanks for reading! How are you tackling your Project Life 2015 album? 🙂

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  1. Looks great, Christine!
    I like that size and the 3×4 cards, but I would have to have some of my favorite 4×6. I have been hoarding my cards from your kits by KP. I’ll have to break a few out.

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