Currently: February 23, 2015

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CH: Still working on Sweet Tooth — haven’t had time!
Pinky: I finished two books by Jojo Moyes – The Girl You Left Behind and The Last Letter from Your Lover. Both were okay, not as good as Me Before You though. I’m reading Ship of Brides now, still by Jojo Moyes.
Yam: this article about Airbnb in Japan. Very interesting how the Japanese culture challenges Airbnb’s concept.

CH: I went to go watch Fifty Shades of Grey today (yup, I went there, haha!) — oh my goodness. It felt like a two hour long SNL skit. The lines were kinda funny, but can’t deny that Jamie Dornan’s pretty! (I liked him better in Once Upon a Time when he had all that facial hair!)
Pinky: Looking forward to watching the Oscars in full, when I get the chance! I’m a fan of NPH.
Yam: the 2015 Oscar Awards!

Currently…listening to:
CH: A friend and I were laughing about 50 Shades when I started singing Rihanna’s S&M… and now it’s on repeat. (Na na na na, come on!)
Pinky: I have a playlist of One Direction and Ed Sheeran because I’m seeing them back to back in March with Yam. CANNOT DEAL. Too excited!
Yam: to 1D/Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran/Sam Smith, a hangover from the past weekend.

CH: To go on an adventure. I’m going to have a lot more free time starting March, and I’m already thinking of what I can possibly do for my 30th!
Pinky: I want to invest in a good pair of Nike sneakers for traveling. Gotta get my butt to Nike to figure out which style works for me.
Yam: two very specific pairs of sneakers – one in a new colorway, and another in an unusual color that I’m not sure I can even pull off, but would very much like to see in person.

CH: This weekend. Lotsa relaxed quiet time before the work week starts again.
Pinky: These minimalist templates by Paislee Press. Oh baby. So easy to use and my layouts look like they’re magazine spreads. *multiple heart-eyes emojis*
Yam: seeing guys attend our workshop last Saturday! See, memory-keeping is for everyone 😉

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