Currently: February 9, 2015

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CH: Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan. Since I hardly have time to read, this is going to take a while.
Pinky: I just finished Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. Holy cow, that was really good. I chose it because it was on a Goodreads top list, but WOW it was better than I even expected. Starting The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins now.
Yam: The Goddess of Small Victories by Yannick Grannec.

CH: Scandal!!! I just started this show and now I see how addicting it is. 😉
Pinky: My brother told me to start watching this new show called Hindsight. I like it! A girl time travels back to 1995 for a chance to “do over” her life. It stars the hot girl from She’s The Man (loved that movie) and I’m enjoying it so far.
Yam: That Thing Called Tadhana <3 Hoping to catch Into the Woods and Wild before new movies open this Wednesday.

Currently…listening to:
CH: Still 1989.
Pinky: Starting to get excited for the One Direction concert next month. (!!!) Trying to keep away from the fancam footage at the Australia concert because I will get too excited for my own good. Hahaha.
Yam: to a lot of Top 10/20/40 hits due to lots of radio listening time over the past week. Stuck in my head are Maroon 5’s Sugar, Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud (oh no), and Uptown Funk.

CH: To put life on pause for a bit, just to catch up.
Pinky: This city maps greeting card set from Rifle Paper Co. I just bought a cellphone case from there and I so wish I had seen these greeting cards while I was browsing then. Hassle.
Yam: generous servings of ice cream, please. I had a dental procedure done over the weekend and as per dentist’s orders, I can indulge in cold drinks and ice cream. Yay!

CH: This weekend all to myself. #introvertmode
Pinky: Lazy weekend at home. LOVE IT. My motto is truly #letsstayhome.
Yam: Art Fair Philippines which was held from Feb 5-8. There were lots of people while we were there, so hopefully that’s a good sign!


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