Currently: January 26, 2015

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CH: Nothing yet, but a friend just recommended Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth, which is next on my list (we formed a two person book club of sorts…)
Pinky: One Plus One by Jojo Moyes. Enjoying it!
Yam: Mr. Kiss and Tell (the second Veronica Mars novel) by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham. Been on a reading streak, so I’m halfway done with this one!

CH: Nothing right now 🙂
Pinky: Jane the Virgin – introduced it to my best friends during this trip. Cue: drooling over Rafael and heart emojis non-stop
Yam: The Miss Universe 2014 pageant. Ha. Surprising results.

Currently…listening to:
CH: Still a lot of Taylor Swift. “Style” is on repeat — love that song.
Pinky: Spotify premium- I finally signed up for it and I don’t know what took so long!
Yam: My playlist of The 1975‘s songs! Saw them over the weekend with my brother so their music is still on loop.

CH:As always, more time. I’ve got crazy deadlines on the horizon and need more quiet time to get everything done.
Pinky: Some rest… I’ve been sick for about a week and I’ve been traveling, so I really need some down time just recuperating.
Yam: The new 8×6 alpha stickers from Ali. <3 <3 <3 I initially wanted the stickers in ALL colors but I picked my favorites and added those to my cart. Just gotta see when I can check out my order.

CH: Well, more like excited for, the new Studio Calico 9×12 albums. I wonder if I’ll have enough to fill those out weekly! (Haven’t started my 2015 PL!)
Pinky: spending my birthday in Bacolod eating my heart out. EVERYTHING IS AWESOOOOME ~~~
Yam: Part one of a family reunion we had yesterday. There were lots of hugging, some tears, and lots of storytelling among the older adults who hadn’t seen each other for decades!

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