Pinky’s Project Life: CH x Kelly Purkey Good Vibes Kit

Project Life TuesdayExcited to share that we finally have CH’s second kit with KP in our shop! It’s called “Good Vibes” and I absolutely adore the stamp set that comes with it!

Good Vibes Kit 1

I distinctly remember my reaction to the preview that CH sent us: lots of “!!!” and a flood of alternating heart eyes emoji and crying emojis. HAHA. I wanted it immediately and it was torture to wait a couple of months. So glad it’s finally here!

I decided to make a quick layout using photos from the very eventful weekend I had with Yam and CH. We dedicated that weekend to all LDM activities: a workshop in the morning, then a staycation at a nearby hotel so we could really focus on planning. We also scheduled a photo shoot for some ‘official’ team photos.

Here is the layout in full:

PL Tue - Good Vibes 1

Choosing photos was easy: these were almost all photos I had posted on Instagram throughout the weekend. I say “yay” all the time so I’m happy I have a stamp now with that sentiment. I also stamped some of the smaller circles.

PL Tue - Good Vibes 2

I really like the ‘I got this’ stamp, because I don’t feel like there are enough self-motivating stamps out there! This kid was the sweetest – and I couldn’t be prouder to say that even 6-year-olds enjoy our workshop!

PL Tue - Good Vibes 3

I couldn’t resist stamping the check mark on a card that already had a smaller version. (PS: The maple candied bacon at Duck &  Buvette is REALLY GOOD. Really really good.)

PL Tue - Good Vibes 4

This card is so cute; it reminds me of Pantone cards. I matched it with the red of the strawberries in this burrata photo. (Nom nom, the burrata at Gino’s Pizza is a favorite.)

PL Tue - Good Vibes 5

Of course I just had to pair the giant ‘good vibes only’ with the picture of the empty hotel bed. I loooooove staycations. <3 Marco Polo had the fluffiest pillows! I need to go back ASAP.

PL Tue - Good Vibes 6

I love this photo of the back of our heads. But I also have to include the front-facing photo, one of our ‘official’ team photos. I like how they look together; all that white space!

PL Tue - Good Vibes 7

And here I am practicing my closed-mouth smile. Hahahahahaha. (Seriously, it’s something I’m practicing because I don’t like my closed-mouth smile. Haha.)

PL Tue - Good Vibes 8

I made sure to use different widths of pens (Pilot Frixion ball slim .38, Uni Pin Fine Line .8, and Pilot Frixion marker in black) to add some variety to the journaling, because there were so many cards with my handwriting on them.

Making this layout took so little time – I spent more time printing and re-printing the top photo of the three of us (kept trying to stamp the ‘yay’ in that space between mine and Yam’s face but it really wouldn’t fit) than on stamping + journaling combined.

Good Vibes Kit CardsSometimes working with just one kit is refreshing, because it saves me time and lets me get right to creating. Get it in the shop now – I can tell I’ll be using this one A LOT in the coming months. I look forward to maximizing those days of the week stamps, too!

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