Currently: January 12, 2015

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CH: Nothing right now, but craving a good fiction book. Any ideas?
Pinky: I just finished The One by Keira Cass. A good, light read – I enjoyed it and the whole series more than I was expecting to! Moving onto Atlantia by Ally Condie.
Yamthis post about “burning candles.” GO AND READ IT NOW.

CH: Saw English Only, Please this week and laughed so hard!
Pinky: The Golden Globes this morning. Um, Amal Clooney is GORGEOUS. *heart eyes* and the way George said, “whatever alchemy brought us together, I couldn’t be more proud to be your husband” — I MELTED.
Yam: the first episode of Kill Me, Heal Me, new Korean drama that I’ve been looking forward to, because it stars one of my fave Korean actors, Ji Sung <3

Currently…listening to:
CH: Taylor Swift, still. Even my guy friends are hooked on songs from 1989!
Pinky: Been listening to Elise’s “Let’s Get Crafty” podcast as I attempt to develop my habit of “stop being lazy” (very articulate, I know). She is just amazing; what an inspiration.
Yam: to an afternoon acoustic playlist on Spotify to keep calm and carry on.

CH: Quiet introvert time. Need to focus on the work ahead!
Pinky: more time – my social calendar is jampacked, between the wedding and my birthday plans and our LDM planning last weekend. Tired but no time to waste! Got too much to do 🙁
Yam: a bunch of new scrapbooking stuff (it never ends) previewed at CHA this weekend, including the new Inspire edition designed by Vanessa Perry!

CH: The amazing weekend with Pinky & Yam — to Life Documented Manila, plans for 2015 and beyond!
Pinky: Such a good weekend with CH and Yam! Very productive and exciting times for us. I also got my hands on CH’s Good Vibes Only kit! (The kit is in the shop, just so you know…)
Yam: the weekend spent with CH and Pinky for the first LDM workshop this year, planning, bonding, eating, and more. Bring on the burrata!

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