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Project Life TuesdayIt’s the start of a new year, so a lot of scrapbookers are putting together their title page for 2015. But not me! Yes, I am going against the grain, and it seems I have been all this time. For my past four albums (2013 1H and 2H, and 2014 1H and 2H) I’ve been sticking to a single style for my title page: a big photo, with a small caption added either digitally or physically. And I always make it towards the end of the period covered within my album.

It started with my first album, early 2013 when I began doing Project Life. I took a photo from a trip in February, I think, to Singapore. I didn’t even know where I could get 12×12 pictures printed. My friend who owns a printing service — for documents though, not necessarily photos — offered to help me out.

It took me a while to figure out how to frame the picture so that my face wouldn’t be chopped when I cut up the 12×12 paper. It says “Hello 26” because I started my album on my birthday, towards the end of January. I chose this photo because purple is my favorite color in real life (but somehow purple scrapbook products don’t appeal to me… not sure why).

Since I started with a solo picture for my first album, I wanted to find another photo for the next title page that left enough space for a big caption. I chose this picture taken using a self-timer at my favorite area in my cousin’s house in Singapore. I think that was sometime in August 2013. It seemed a bit sad and quiet to me, which reflects my mood for the second half of 2013. The caption is word art by Elise Cripe, my personal crafts idol.


Early 2014 was still sad, but a little bit more hopeful, and my title page reflects that. This title page was the subject of huge interest over at Studio Calico and on Instagram. I even saw it on Pinterest! I wrote a Photoshop tutorial on it here, which includes a helpful script that cuts up a 12×12 photo into 4×6 for easy printing. I’ve been using that ever since. This photo was taken using a self-timer at a private beach in Boracay, a beautiful island destination here in the Philippines, January 2014.


My last completed title page I did in 10 minutes yesterday. I traveled quite a bit in 2014 so I have a lot of nice solo pictures, but I wanted one that reflects how I felt during that time. I used word art by the great Ali Edwards, which is so spot-on for my approach to the last half of 2014. I took the photo in Tokyo, while I was wandering the city alone.


As for my title page for the first half of 2015, I’ll be taking a couple of trips so there are plenty of opportunities for nice photos. More importantly, I want to gauge how my ‘mood’ turns out to be, because I like that my title pages also capture that. It was totally unintentional that the first half photos are colored and the second half photos are black and white, but we’ll see how it plays out this year. 🙂 I apologize for the slight bump on the left side of the photos – that’s from keeping them in the album. 🙁

Does anyone else make their title pages this way? Let us know in the comments!

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