Currently: January 5, 2015

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CH: Old issues of The Manila Review — I got a couple of issues from a friend this week.
Pinky: Chocolate Wishes by Trisha Ashley, still part of the Christmas romantic novels sent to me by a friend last year (oops, last LAST year? 2013! Gotta get used to it being a new year already).
Yam: this article on why we should stop making resolutions. “Un-resolutions?” YES.

CH: Nothing at the moment, but next on my to-watch list is What If, Dan Radcliffe’s latest movie. (Is it any good?)
Pinky: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I decided to give it another chance after not liking it the first time around. I’m glad I did! Highly enjoying it now, and it just got to the part in the first season that ties into Captain America 2: the Winter Soldier. So so so cool.
Yam: the fireworks display at the Burj Khalifa this year. I was still awake when the UAE celebrated, so I was able to watch the livestream. I read that the LED screens will be there until the 9th.

Currently…listening to:
CH: OMG. A little late to the party but have NickyJ’s Jealous on repeat. <3
Pinky: “Treasure” by Bruno Mars.
Yam: to nothing today… the past few days have been a mix of happy/sad moments.

CH: An extra week of vacation! As it always goes. 😉
Pinky: For a magical fairy to come and clean my room. SO MUCH CLUTTER.
Yam: all my pending mail delivery!! In addition for the new week to roll in (back to regular programming for most businesses and government offices, which means I can start getting packages I’ve been waiting for), I want CHA Weekend to finally happen so I can see what new products to expect for the 1st (until second?) quarter of the year.

CH: The fresh start a new year brings. I know January 1 is just a day, but sometimes it feels like a reset (especially since I haven’t been super online for the holidays). Excited for 2015.
Pinky: A good friend is getting married in two weeks so I’ve been busy with preparations for that. So excited for girl time!
Yam: what some people have shared regarding their One Little Word for the year. I’ve yet to finalize mine, but I’m letting the choosing process happen naturally. Class content looks promising, too.


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