Project Life Tuesday: Our Favorite Project Life 2014 Spreads

Project Life Tuesday

Today we’re sharing our favorite spreads from our own Project Life albums this year:

CH A London wedding + Turin adventure!

Who: My Travel Club: Gita, Monch, and Luis, and later, one of my brothers + our parents!
What: A wedding in London and a side trip in Turin! I was maid of honor for one of my best friends’ weddings, and used the trip to visit my brother who was finishing up a course in Turin (my parents flew over to visit him, too — we all made a trip out of it!)
When: End of November to the first week of December.
Where: London, Turin (Italy)




Why (this is my favorite): Kelly Purkey asked if I was interested in maybe doing some layouts using her upcoming stamps for the Hero Arts blog and of course I said yes! Her travel collection was super adorable and versatile. Love it.

And, aside from the fact that I was super thrilled at the thought of having to create layouts with exclusive stamps for a blog (one step closer to being part of a creative team!), I loved the challenge of creating on the go — was definitely forced to be creative with my super limited supplies!

(Also: I did three spreads for two weeks! Love it.)


PINKY  Baking and Crafting Day with PVTT

Who: My close friends from college – Virlynn, Timmy, Trina
What: Baking and Crafting Day – we made ovomaltine muffins and I gave them a private workshop on memory-keeping
When: sometime in March
Where: Timmy’s house


Why (this is my favorite): I don’t typically use such bright colors but these cards fit together so well. The pink and orange make me happy, which is also how I feel hanging out with this group. Since we don’t get together often, I appreciate that we spent almost an entire day together. I was also able to use my favorite things on this layout: a big photo, stamps, and KP alphas!


YAM Week 23 of 2014
I already wrote about this spread months ago and after looking through my (incomplete) album, it remains a favorite for the following reasons:
1. It was a busy week and I was able to spend time with most of my favorite people
2. I used my favorite products: mini alpha stickers and my all-time favorite Project Life edition: JADE. I love it so much that I’m planning to hoard at least two full kits (haha) in the event that the edition will be phased out.

PLTue-Yam2014As I looked back on the spread, I remembered that it doesn’t take much to come up with a nice way of documenting memories. It’s really all about the pictures and words! I need to keep that in mind, plus I really like using small square photos whether they’re 2.5×2.5in or 3x3in or 4x4in.

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