Currently: December 29, 2014

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CH: Started reading books I didn’t finish because I was too busy; today it’s Make it Mighty Ugly by Kim Werker.
Pinky: a bunch of Christmas-themed romance novels sent by a friend last year. Light reading <3
Yam: I finished Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang so now I’m just reading some magazines!

CH: Nothing right now, but I have a long list of movies I need to see…
Pinky: True Detective. It took me a few episodes to get into it but I’m about halfway through and now I can’t wait to see how it comes together. The flashback device was well-used, didn’t feel “gasgas” at all.
Yam: English Only, Please — one of the big winners at this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). Hope you guys make time to see it!

Currently…listening to:
CH: My niece has been singing songs from The Sound of Music nonstop. (Help!)
Pinky: I brought my old iPod on this trip so I’m reunited with all my music! Been listening to some Kanye and Jay-Z these past few days.
Yam: No Doubt! I heard Hella Good over the weekend so I added their discography on my Spotify playlist.

CH: Quiet, free, uninterrupted time to make/create. Super energized by my week away from the computer.
Pinky: a hammock at my house! (As I write this I’m in a hammock, by the beach, listening to the waves, feeling the heat of the sun… #thisisthelife)
Yam: to savor this last week of 2014. If only I can make it last longer… I don’t really like this time of year because it’s always a push and pull between leaving the current year behind and fast forwarding to the new one. So many people eager to start the new year with all sorts of plans and projects and whatnot. Can’t we end the current year right? Can we still take it one day at a time? (Oh boy, do I have lots of feelings about this or what)

CH: … being home! Can’t wait to get together with Yam & Pinky in a few weeks — fun things in store for 2015 for LDM, for sure!
Pinky: family time at Ilocos. It’s no secret I’m a travel junkie and getting to travel with my family is always fun.
Yam: finishing this year’s Sunday photo project with one of my brothers 🙂 We’ve done this particular project for two years now, and I’ll probably turn the 2013-2014 projects into mini albums.

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