Project Life Tuesday: Top Post Round-Up

Project Life TuesdayHappy holidays! We’re taking a couple of days off to be with our families this week, so no new post from us for this week. Here’s a round-up of our most popular posts, for those of you who haven’t had the time to read through our archives yet:

5. Traveling with Scrapbook in Mind featuring Liz

We’re totally not surprised that our friend Liz’ post about her New York trip album is one of the top-viewed posts on our site. Her tips, coupled with amazing photography (from her magazine/publishing background) make for an inspiring read!

4. PL Tuesday: On Printing Photos

The number one question we get at workshops is about printing photos, especially printing at home. This post is a good summary of our different set-ups; although most of us have already upgraded our home printers since the time we wrote the post.

3. Freebie Friday: My Life In Lists (Part 2)

This is unexpected! We’re so happy to see people noting down even the simplest things that make up their day. Who doesn’t love listening to music or reading books? We love books (although CH is more of an audiobook person than a book person) and these cards make it so easy to keep track and document what we’re reading. We’ll most likely be making updated versions of these for 2015!

2. Freebie Friday: The Best Day cards

It’s funny, CH made this freebie even before meeting Kelly Purkey in California. That meeting would eventually lead to their collaboration: KP’s Best Days Kit. You can read more about how that collaboration began here — and see the full kit, too!

1. Freebie Friday: 100 Happy Days

We just love that our biggest post is about helping people document their happy days! Please do tag us using the hashtag #lifedocumentedmanila – we’d love to see. <3

Our January workshop is on Jan 10! We’ll be back from the holiday break rejuvenated and ready to kickstart the year with some ‘old school’ documentation. For more information, and to register, please visit

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