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It’s always been our dream to produce our own scrapbook materials eventually. We’ve spent many Whatsapp conversations fantasizing about what themes we would publish first, how we would make cards with sentiments we could actually relate to. (For example, ‘Rad’ is just never used here in the Philippines…) A Filipino Christmas themed set was high at the top of our list.

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For the uninitiated, Christmas  in the Philippines is a unique experience. First of all, malls start playing Christmas carols in September, as soon as the -ber months roll in. Friends and officemates typically participate in a ‘Kris Kringle‘ , similar to the Secret Santa tradition. Christmas-specific food also makes an appearance – roasted chestnuts and a local delicacy called puto bumbong are staples at Simbang Gabi, a dawn mass series that takes place on the nine mornings before Christmas day. On Christmas Eve, families gather for Noche Buena, a truly extravagant feast. Most houses will likely have a parol (star-shaped lantern) hanging from the roof.

Why am I rambling about all these traditions? Because we know these truly Pinoy (Filipino) Christmas experiences may not make it into the mainstream designs. We love our candy-cane pattern and gold-foil-star paper, too, but as a tropical country, winter-themed cards with snowflakes and snowmen are so foreign and unrelatable to us.

Enter: Life Documented Manila’s Paskong Pinoy Mini Card Pack. (Eeek! Also, Pasko is Filipino for Christmas, just FYI..) We took all the things we love about our local traditions and turned them into Project Life cards. It’s our hope that you, dear Filipino reader, find these relatable and relevant to your life. International readers: I hope you found my long introduction informative. 😛

LDM Paskong Pinoy 1

Since I obviously can’t use them yet as it’s only the start of December, here they are ‘in action’ with some of my photos from last Christmas.



PMN_PLTues_Dec_3PMN_PLTues_Dec_4* Disclaimer: the card that says ‘Stevies’ and the card with the instagram screencap are not included in the Paskong Pinoy set.



Photo’s a bit dark, but my neighbor has these amazing Christmas decorations that fly across the street on wires. No joke.




Good news is that the  set is now in the shop: Paskong Pinoy Mini Card Set

Paskong Pinoy<3 <3 <3 They’re at a special introductory price of Php 120 per pack (with twelve 3×4 cards and three 4×6 cards) until December 8. Afterwards, they’re available at the regular rate of Php 150. We are still undecided about making it available digitally… what do you think? Let us know in the comments. 🙂 Maligayang Pasko! <3

December 11 UPDATE: The digital version of the Paskong Pinoy Card Pack is now available for purchase!

PS: We’re taking a short break after December 18, so if you want to order anything from us before Christmas, the 19th is the last shipping day! We’ll reopen in early January.

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