Currently: December 1, 2014

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CH: Guidebooks. #travelmode
Pinky: I found this Buzzfeed article delightful. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at MasterChef Junior.
Yam: Even in Paradise by Chelsey Philpot

CH: Nothing right now, but off to find a good play to watch…
Pinky: Brooklyn Nine Nine. Andy Samberg is so charming on the show. <3
Yam: Hanson’s Finally It’s Christmas Special. <3  It’s also the title of their new Christmas song!

Currently…listening to:
CH: Ed Sheeran! <3
Pinky: Lots of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.
Yam: Jason Mraz – still on a Mraz hangover after seeing him last Thursday

CH: More, more time, as always. On vacation but have a ton of deadlines and not so sure how to get these all done in time.
Pinky: for these travel plans to push through. Pleeeeaaaaaase!
Yam: a new Kindle. Maybe the new Kindle Paperwhite?

CH: The fact that I’m in London (yay!) with some of my favorite people to celebrate a wedding (and maybe squeeze in some traveling while I can). Good times.
Pinky: This AirBNB ad is amazing. The link also includes a behind-the-scenes video. I love that kind of stuff.
Yam: (and at the same time hating, haha) Black Friday-Cyber Monday sales.

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