Currently: November 24, 2014

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CH: Like Pinky, I’ve been hooked on the Reddit thread on Serial. Gah this podcast.
Pinky: The Serial podcast subreddit is a black hole I can’t claw my way out of. Send help.
Yam: Yes Please, by Amy Poehler. Looked for it while on vacay, but it wasn’t available yet. I checked bookstores in Manila and none yet, too + one bookstore said they can special order it. Whaaat? It wasn’t even ordered by their buyer?! Anyway, ordered it from Amazon after my friend confirmed that her short trip to Manila was pushing through, so she brought it home for me <3

CH: Nothing right now 🙂
Pinky: Catching up on The Originals because my friend said it’s good again. Not convinced yet, but Elijah is reason enough for me to keep watching…
Yam: Mockingjay Part 1. The day I found out the third movie was going to be split in two, I knew to expect that this one will feel bitin/incomplete. I did enjoy the movie adaptation, and I look forward to how the second half will be presented.

Currently…listening to:
CH: My boyband playlist is on, which means I have tons of work to finish this weekend. Hehhe. Taylor Swift helps with my productivity, too.
Pinky: Still the new One Direction album, Four. I listened to it over and over as we prepared our original designs for the launch party and my favorites (in no particular order) are: Night Changes, 18 (written by Ed Sheeran!), No Control, Fool’s Gold, Illusion, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Stockholm Syndrome.
Yam: my Holiday playlist. It’s never too early (or too late) to listen to holiday tunes!

CH: Another day this weekend. It’s been cool and rainy in SF — perfect for staying in bed and sleeping in.
Pinky: For Ed Sheeran tickets in Singapore to magically become available. UNIVERSE, I SAID IT. MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Yam: for Hanson to sing Christmas carols on my doorstep, an idea I never even entertained until I saw this post from a fellow fan.

CH: This new assignment for a client that I’m working on — it’s all brush lettering! My kind of work — it’s not easy, but I’m super enjoying it.
Pinky: I sat down and planned my Project Life catch up strategy today. I’m feeling pretty good about this. *crossing fingers*
Yam: the cheese room at Spiral <3 <3 <3

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