Currently: November 17, 2014

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CH: Finally finished listening to Amy Poehler’s book (seriously — the audiobook is hilarious, and she has tons of special guests, including Sir Patrick Stewart — reading random things and chatting with her. So fun!) so I’m looking for my next audiobook…
Pinky: Reddit threads devoted to Serial. I am RIVETED. This podcast is genius.
Yam: Reading this post about a December mini by Jamaica. Love it!

CH: Revenge! OMG it just got good. No spoilers, promise!
Pinky: Still super pumped about The Voice. My money’s on Luke Wade. Love his cover of Let’s Get It On <3 <3 <3
Yam: two versions of One Direction’s performance of Night Changes: acoustic from their Google Hangout and live on BBC’s Children in Need special this weekend. Hihi 🙂

Currently…listening to:
CH: Taylor Swift’s How You Get the Girl. Such a happy song. (And nice one, Taylor — ended up buying the song because she wouldn’t post it on Spotify!) 😉
Pinky: Aside from The Voice + Serial, been listening to a lot of One Direction for a special project. Haha! Their new album is out today! <3
Yam: to the Serial podcast. When Ch posted about it last week, I realized it was that Serial I’d heard about. As of posting I’m four episodes in.

CH: As a form of procrastination I like to online shop (er, browse) and one thing I love about living in the States? An excuse to buy coats / jackets! Must. resist. But I want a nice new coat…
Pinky: the Starbucks advent calendar is a magnetic chalkboard with tins. Ugh, I want it so bad. I have a little collection of Starbucks Christmas decor. It makes my heart sing.
Yam: the December Daily kit by Ali. Gahh. Yes, I still want it.

CH: The anticipation for my first (!) big trip of the year, in two weeks. Can hardly contain my excitement, I feel like I’m being let out of a cage. Hahaha! (But really. So excited.)
Pinky: CH sent us a picture of something she’s been working on. Aaaah I am a little obsessed with it and I need it in my life RIGHT NOW. We have to wait until around Christmas to get it. Excited!
Yam: the busy weekend surrounded by inspiring people at our last memory-keeping workshop for the year and the Canva Creatives Conference.

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