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So, lots of interesting realizations popped up as I was creating this week’s PL spread. (I say it every time I post digital pages, but, absolutely love this digi process. I’ll talk more about why in a minute, but the main reason? Scrapping a week took me less than an hour!)

October 20-26, 2014


This was a fun week for me — a very San Francisco week, if I may call it that, and so I decided to make my picture of the Painted Ladies (that row of houses!) the main shot with the SF title. See, not only did I finally get my tourist shot of that sight, but I also enjoyed a night at the Symphony and saw the ultimate tourist attraction in SF (after Golden Gate Bridge, perhaps) — Alcatraz!

A friend from home was in town that week and I decided to take him to go see the ongoing Ai Wei Wei @ Alcatraz exhibit, since I always wanted to go to Alcatraz (and, well, see Ai Wei Wei’s work, too). We had a blast, and I realized how much I miss having regular conversations with old friends from home. We were free to crack jologs jokes, tell stories in Taglish and talk about old history professors. So fun. That week I also had coffee with a fellow scrapbooker Kari, who I met at Kelly Purkey’s class in SF a few months before. (Hi Kari!) We talked a lot about the creative process, PL, photography, design school, and whatnot. Love that my creative community is slowly growing here. Love meeting like-minded people.

There was a lot of digital vs. physical for this week’s layout, and it made me think about the pros and cons for both. Here’s a little list, in relation to this specific layout.


  1. Done in an instant. As I said — less than an hour. Imagine all the memories that’ll get documented for sure with this speedy process!
  2. All the colors in the world. Well, not really, but: for little bits of the lettering (see the Kari card), I picked out the color for the titles from the actual photo (hello, color picker!) Same goes for the blue tag in the SF card. I originally contemplated on using the red from the Alcatraz poster on a title, but didn’t. But imagine — instant matching embellishments / stamps!
  3. Free to crop. The black poster beside the dragon is actually the front of the small map / booklet they hand you when you go to Alcatraz. It’s a special edition that was made that included maps and descriptions for the exhibit as well, and it was something I wanted to keep. I will, probably, just stick it in the middle of my PL spread or something, but I loved the cover image. No way is the actual physical thing going to fit in a 3×4 pocket, but because this is a digi layout, it did! And I like having it beside the shot of the dragon. 🙂


  1. I miss physically cutting out my photos. It’s one of my favorite activities; assembling all the random bits and pieces of a PL layout until you’re fully satisfied. And speaking of satisfied… there’s nothing more satisfying than slipping a finished photo or journaling card into a nice, clear pocket, right? Right??? 😉
  2. Ephemera isn’t as fun. I mean, look at the lame photo of the Symphony tickets. Hahaha. Sometimes I do love the unpredictability of ephemera — imperfect cropping makes things more interesting. I plan to print these all out anyway; I’ll make sure to include the actual tickets instead of that picture. (Let’s think of it as a placeholder…)

Looks like the benefits of digital still win out in my opinion, but that won’t stop me from creating physical layouts, too. Yam reminded me that I might become a hybrid scrapbooker, and hey, that’s just it. A perfect mix of digital and physical; because Project Life is your project — you make the rules. Pinky reminded me to go with whatever works for me (and that’s what we always say at LDM) and yep, I think this definitely works for me!

How about you? Do you ever mix the two?


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