Pinky’s Project Life: Using a 6×8 Template

PL_Tuesdays copyAt our workshops, we’re often asked for suggestions on what to do with the 6×8 page protectors that come with the album that we provide as part of the Starter Kit. Today I’m sharing a tutorial using our 6×8 template for square photos (ahem, Instagram) as another idea for that page protector.

Step 1: Prepare the photos.

My photos are automatically imported into iPhoto, so I just need to pull up the Photo Stream for that month. My collage will be photos from the incredible meal I had at Sushi Dai in Tsukiji Market, Tokyo. It’s considered the best sushi in Tokyo, and the 3-hour wait I endured on an empty stomach was SO. WORTH. IT.


Step 2: Prepare the captions, if any.

I’m using Momento app to automatically collate my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter updates into a single feed. I often refer to Momento when planning my Project Life pages. Since I live-instagrammed my Sushi Dai  experience (in preparation for future documentation, haha), I was able to label almost every dish.


Step 3: Open the template in Photoshop. Although the same result can be achieved without a template, it makes things a lot easier. 🙂


Step 4: Open the photo in Photoshop. I typically just drag and drop from iPhoto into Photoshop, but some people use software like Adobe Bridge to manage their photos.


Step 5: Use a clipping mask!

A clipping mask basically ‘cuts away’ everything outside of the design you’re clipping the layer too. Confused? I was too, at first. This overview helped a lot (just ignore the part about layer masks) and this one, though more technical, was also helpful.

Important: Make sure your photo is on the layer right above the box you’re clipping onto, to avoid confusion later on! If you’ll see below, everything outside of the space Box 1 occupies was cut out. If you move the photo layer around, it will still retain the dimensions of box 1. Try it!


Step 6: Resize the photo. Since my iPhone takes photos at a pretty high resolution, I need to use the Transform tool (command+T) to make the photo fit into the slot.


Step 7: Repeat.

At this point I’ll be putting all the photos first and then inputting the captions later on, but you can certainly do photo and caption, then the next photo and caption. Or no captions, just photos! You could also leave some boxes blank (just hide the layer so that it prints ‘white’ from your printer) and embellish later on.

Step 8: Insert captions

I used the same font and put the label at the bottom left corner in each square for consistency. Guides were helpful in aligning the text.


Step 9: Print!

I printed it on our home printer – a Canon E510 – on glossy photo paper. Here’s how it looks in the page protector:PLTues-PMN-8


Done and done! The part that took me the longest was deciding what photo went where. Since there were 13 courses and only 12 boxes, I had to make a little collage with 2 photos for one box in the top row. You can purchase the template here — we’d love to see you use it in your own albums! Please do tag us #lifedocumentedmanila on Instagram.

We’ve still got a few slots left for our November workshop – it’ll be November 15 at Le Petit Cheri, Molito complex, Alabang! South girls (and boys?), this is your chance to turn your memories into tangible objects that you can easily share with loved ones. Sign up at 🙂 Early bird rate ends tomorrow!

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