October Workshop Recap

Last Saturday started out cold and gloomy, but the weather didn’t stop us and our October workshop participants from enjoying the morning with new friends and their scrapbooks.

 Still reeling from the huge (for us) turnout at our past workshop, we were a little bit relieved to have a smaller group this time.

Once again, everyone came prepared with their own stacks of photos. Yay! Prior to workshop day, we noticed that most of the ladies who signed up seemed to have travel albums in mind. It is one of the most common album themes – around 50% of our workshop participants document a trip.


We want to thank Cookie Bar Manila for the delicious treats they made available for the workshop. Just look at these goodies:

classic and premium cookie cups


There were also Stuffies (Mallow, Oreo, Reese’s, Nutella) available for everyone to try. Oh, so good!


The ladies got down to work right away. They were pretty serious about their projects with 90% of their focus on their respective albums. The other 10%? Attention on us when we were talking to them as they worked 🙂

franch and alexa at our “buffet table of supplies” 🙂 alexa’s the first one ever to pull up a chair to the supplies table!



zel adding a personal touch to her album dividers. wow!



No one seemed to budge when we announced the time check for lunch. Everyone was so focused on their projects that they pleaded “Nooo!” when it was time to wrap up.

We let each participant share with the group what they worked on. Even if they had the same general album theme in mind (travel), their execution was different. Pocket-style scrapbooking can be easily adapted to any theme, topic, or story.

Ivorie worked on a past trip to New York. She showed us photos and a load of things she collected from the trip, which included maps, cards, and even a leaf from Central Park! She said that she wants to finish her album before she goes on another trip early next year. Go for it!

Zel picked the Vintage Travel edition because she liked the colors. Then she mentioned that the focus of her album was local travel along with random things/places that she found beautiful and meaningful. How amazing to take time to appreciate what we consider ‘random’ or ‘wala lang.’

 According to Ana, she never printed many photos before so her kids don’t have proper photo albums yet. Her son wanted to show off photos from their recent trip, but was only able to do so through their iPad. So when Ana told her son that she printed photos and was going to work on ‘his’ album, he was so excited! We’re happy she was able to start — we always say that the best time to start is NOW.


Kris takes good photos  and frequently posts her shots on Instagram (follow her @hellokris). To document a recent beach trip she took with her family, she chose the Jade edition which goes so well with her photos. She shared that while she took her dSLR on the trip, she used her iPhone to take photos! If anyone needs proof that you can take good quality photos with only a smartphone, please take a look at her project. Clever idea: her album title is the hashtag she frequently uses on Instagram, #hellokrisWanders.


Alexa shared her pages about a trip her family took after her dad passed away.


Franch chose the sweet Neapolitan edition to document a trip she took to Hong Kong. To her surprise, her then-boyfriend proposed to her during their trip. We all laughed when she told us how it happened (“No, no, nod.”) Hahaha!

Thank you for joining us this October! 🙂


See you next month in Alabang for the next series of Beginner’s Memory-Keeping Workshops 🙂 Registration opening VERY SOON!


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