Pinky’s Project Life: CH x Kelly Purkey Best Days Kit

PL_Tuesdays copyOMG, it’s finally here!! Words cannot express how proud I am to finally hold CH’s kit with Kelly Purkey in my hands! We’ve been waiting sooooo long — and I have fond memories of us going through a long list of suggestions when CH sent her first draft to us. In a way, even though it’s her name on the kit (as it should be), I feel like it’s our baby also. 😉

But first, I wanted to ask CH to share a bit of background about how this collab came to be…

CH Hijacking Pinky’s post! 🙂 Well, this all started when I attended Kelly’s workshop when she came to the Bay Area. I remember having to take the train (it was in Cupertino, ~hour away from where I live) but I didn’t mind! The projects were to work on 12×12 PL spreads and a mini album using her new line, Mon Ami. Of course, just meeting her in real life was a highlight! Over lunch, I got to chat with KP about designing for scrapbook products and told her I was a designer. It was nice to get her advice and thoughts on it. Sometime during the class, I was chatting with my seatmate, who was from Taiwan, about scrapbooking in Asia. Told her about Life Documented Manila (yay!), showed her my 6×8 PL album, and thankfully brought along some of our freebies. KP overheard and saw the freebies and absolutely loved it! She even got my super incomplete PL album to show another person in class *facepalm* I remember telling Yam and Pinky, “OMG, she’s about to Instagram our freebies!” *cue freakout* She got my contact deets after, and two weeks after we said goodbye, she emailed to ask if I wanted to collab on a kit. I almost died.

Yam and Pinky were my trusted advisers — ok, quick, what have you always wanted to see in a stamp? I’d ask them. And designers always need other eyes to look at our work for critique, and they had the best suggestions (like the woohoo stamp, which was a hit!) I couldn’t have done it without their input and tips — we all really do make a great team 😉

Pinky Okay, me again! So this is gonna be a short post, just to talk about the kit in detail. I wanted to do a spread showing off the different cards and stamps included in the kit. It covers just one weekend this month. PMN-Oct-1

All of the 3×4 cards are from Kelly’s kit. I actually loved working with just this one kit – the decisionmaking process was much easier because I only had 12 cards to choose from. Many of the cards also had a lot of white space which I love.

PMN-Oct-7How awesome is this card? I didn’t even add a single embellishment because I think it’s perfect as is. The entire middle row tells the story of Friday lunch out with officemates.

PMN-Oct-2I stamped the sentiment onto my favorite patterned paper from Kelly’s Mon Ami line with Basic Grey.

PMN-Oct-5The rightmost card is part of the kit, and I stamped “I ____ this” in black ink and “ate” in blue ink. It worked great! <3 Other prompts in the stamp set include love, saw, did, read, made. I distinctly remember this was one of my suggestions so I’m so happy to see it in real life and be able to use it, just as I imagined I would. <3

PMN-Oct-10 On Saturday I tried out my friend’s home service slimming treatments – the company name is Big Day Slim Team. I’m  really happy that my mom was able to try it out with me, and that she was so impressed with her results. The ‘real life’ part in blue is a stamp.

PMN-Oct-3Same as earlier, I just stamped this sentiment onto the same paper from Kelly’s Mon Ami collection. Cute but still simple and easy.x

PMN-Oct-4Saturday night I had gone partying with some high school friends. The diamond on the paper lining up with the diamond pattern in the photo was totally unplanned, but I love how it turned out. That ‘woohoo’ stamp is another favorite!

PMN-Oct-9I stamped the ‘good times’ in blue ink on plain white paper, stuck it onto this photo and called it a day. This whole spread was done in an hour. The only thing I feel bad about is that I had to go against my hoarding tendencies to use so many cards on this spread, just because it’s so pretty.

Here’s a look at the full spread again: PMN-Oct-1I cannot rave enough about the stamp set. Super versatile! Of course, I’m biased, since this was “made for” me and Yam 😉 Here’s the picture again, so you can bask in its beauty: PMN-Oct-8

The Best Days kit is available in our shop. They sold out at Kelly’s store right away, and we only brought in a couple of pieces to sell to our Philippines customers. Grab them here – these won’t be reprinted! And if you’ve been wanting to attend our workshop, the next one is already on Saturday. We’d love it if you could come play with pretty paper and tell a good story through photos 🙂

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  1. I love this kit! The stamp set has a lot of different words + shapes and I really think it’s worth every penny. Suggestions for next theme – travel or books or food <3!

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