Currently: October 13, 2014

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CH: this short book called Breaking the Time Barrier — it’s a good resource for designers, and it’s totally changed the way I value my work.
Pinky: News articles about ebola. It’s fascinating and scary how it’s beginning to spread outside of Africa.
Yam: still Not That Kind of Girl, Lena Dunham’s book.

CH: I just went to see Gone Girl! (Haha, I was thinking of reading the book, but..!) What. A. Movie. Then again, I don’t expect anything less from David Fincher!
Pinky: Gone Girl. The movie was well-done, but I think I like the book a bit more just because it was so much more mind-f*ck-y.
Yam: Gone Girl. Man. So happy David Fincher directed it!

Currently…listening to:
CH: More podcasts! I love how there’s one for almost every topic.. I found one called “The Introvert Entrepreneur”!
Pinky: One Direction playing in my head because Yam and I watched the 1D concert movie over the weekend.
Yam: 1D’s Midnight Memories 🙂

CH: Brunch. Haha craving bacon and eggs ben!
Pinky: A day at the beach. Or a pool will do!
Yam: my own bottles of Hydrus Watercolors or concentrated watercolors, after trying it out for the first time over the weekend!

CH: Squarespace 7. Working on fixing up my website this week and it’s so much easier!
Pinky: We shot some hyperlapse videos for the LDM Instagram account over the weekend. Hyperlapse is so much fun!
Yam: finally getting my own Best Days Kit! *WOOHOO* We still have some available in the shop. Get one now!

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