Christine’s Project Life: Going Digital!

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I might have found the answer (to life?) to my #letscatchuponprojectlife mission: I’m going digital.

I’ve done several digital scrapbook pages before, but always thought they lacked a certain oomph… after all, a lot of us are in this hobby to hoard to get our photos off the computer and into our hands. Well, we’re also into this hobby because we love playing with stamps and paper, and love putting embellishments together. Right?

For those with less time (or who cherish having more control — cough perfectionist cough — digital scrapbooking is great. I honestly love that I have quick access to my photos that I get to change my mind; I’ve switched several photos on these layouts multiple times. While I miss getting the chance to write on my photos, I make up for it by using some brush script files I’ve designed and other digital scrapbooking embellishments (you’ll notice most of them are from the great Ali Edwards — most from her old class that I was enrolled in, Hello Story.) Love the digital elements she’s made, it brings a nice, handmade look that I love (that can be harder to incorporate digitally.)

I did two more recent weeks this week; I was going to do consecutive weeks until I realized most of the things for the other week were physical things. I don’t plan to give up on traditional PL anytime soon; in fact, watch out for a Part 2 of this post as I figure out how to get these onto paper: do I print them as a whole 6×8? Or as separate 3×4 cards so I get to embellish them a bit? I’ll definitely want to add in physical objects… but how? Stay tuned.

August 18 – 25, 2014


Some highlights of this week: type/design heroes in one event (love it!), finding an old scrapbook layout from 2008 (!!!) — I’ve been scrapbooking for how long?! If only I was more regular about it then! — and going to New York to see my favorite people. I had way too much fun doing this layout. I’m on to something.

* * *

September 15 – 22, 2014


One thing I love about digital scrapbooking? I finished this in a few hours! And this was last week’s layout! Is there hope for #letscatchuponprojectlife? Perhaps. Before the year ends? I hope. So. exciting. The week’s highlights were volunteering for a conference called Nearly Impossible; I had to write out the name tags and it was so fun writing out local crafters/bloggers/business owners’ names that I knew, including craft heroes like Jordan Ferney (of Oh Happy Day), Christine Schmidt (of Yellow Owl Workshop) and Emily Sugihara (Baggu CEO!)

Also, big highlight of this week was the kit I designed w/ Kelly Purkey, Best Days, was launched. Yay! (Note: they’re up for pre-order with us. Kelly’s all sold out and we have limited stock!)

Had so much fun making these pages. You’ll definitely see more digital pages from me!

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