Currently: September 29, 2014

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Ch: This book called You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. (Okay, more like listening to the audiobook!) I’m a sucker for self-help audio books that play while I’m trying to get work done, almost feels like a cheerleader telling me I can do it!
Pinky: Posts on the hashtag #noshamecampaign on Instagram. Women share their experiences with street harassment (and worse) – super brave inspiring. It’s time we start being more open about those things instead of feeling ashamed.
Yam: (or rereading, really) Red Rising by Pierce Brown.

CH: Gotham. Interesting show. Initial thoughts: the scene where Bruce Wayne’s parents get murdered? We’ve seen it in countless Batman movies but darn, it’s always so hard to watch.
Pinky: So many new shows. So far I’ve liked: How To Get Away With Murder, Gotham, Selfie, You’re The Worst (technically not new, but new to me).
Yam: John Legend Live in Manila (last Friday, but still, woohoo!) Missed the first 3-4 songs since we got stuck in horrible traffic on the way to the venue! Ugh.

Currently…listening to:
CH: If not my audiobook, the 90s are on! A lot of Usher and TLC. Work music!
Pinky: No Doubt, just because I’ve been watching The Voice (Pharrell! Taylor Swift! Gwen Stefani!) and it’s been awesome.
Yam: John Mayer’s Room For Squares album. How’s that for a throwback?

CH: More days in a week. Or maybe a life coach to help me balance all the things I need to do within the time I have! 😉
Pinky: Storage for my 12×12 papers and albums. The mess in my room is becoming a little too unwieldy.
Yam: more packs of Instax film! I replenished my stash and I want more!

CH: Spent my Saturday at IKEA — yay for much-needed alone time, and that place is like my Disneyland. The food’s pretty fun too!
Pinky: Yesterday I dropped by BGC Art Mart, a small art fair. It was so great getting to meet new local designers, and chat with designers we already love. (Abbey and Lorra especially!)
Yam: the new collections from Gossamer Blue. FINALLY!!! On My Desk in printed form, not just digital + vellum + stickers… ahh. <3

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