Pinky’s Project Life: Flip Pocket Tutorial

PL_Tuesdays copyOnce in a while I get a crazy idea when it comes to arts and crafts. Inspiration strikes and the idea pesters me until I actually go through with it and find out if it works or not. This was one of those times. The idea of how to document something actually came to me as I was documenting it – which kind of takes away from being in the moment, doesn’t it?

So it happened while I was taking sunset pictures from the observation deck at our resort in El Nido, Palawan. I had stood at the exact same spot earlier that day, taking photos of the fantastic view, and as I watched the sun go down I started playing around with the idea of doing a flip pocket to show the view at 8:30 AM vs 5:30 PM. Like so:


Warning: technical tutorial ahead, basic knowledge of Photoshop recommended. All photos taken with an iPhone 5S. Click through for the step by step process!


Here are the two photos I wanted to use. Pretty, right? When I sat down this weekend to work on this project, I first put both images as two separate layers in a new Photoshop image. This way I could play around with the opacity of the top image (morning view) to see how it aligned with the bottom image (sunset view). In the picture below, the opacity of the morning view is at 38% – you can see through it to the sunset view. When I zoomed in, the edges of the island and the antenna were a bit blurry – that meant the pictures didn’t perfectly match up yet.


I played around with the rotation, size, and scale of the top/bottom images until I got to this:

PMN-SEPTB-3The top layer is now smaller than the bottom layer, but at least the important parts of the picture (antenna, big house at the leftmost part of the island, peaks and valleys of the mountains in the distance) match up pretty well. I knew that I wanted to cut a design E page protector crosswise, resulting in two halves measuring 6×12 inches — one half for each of the 2 images. I cropped the image to 6×12 (300 pixels/inch resolution), making sure to only select an area within the overlap of the two layers. (Pictured below in pink)


Did you know you can set the Select tool to a specific size? I only found out recently. I set it to 6×6 – half of the full 6×12 image – because each square pocket in Design E is 6×6. After selecting the left side of the image (bottom layer) and cut-pasting into a new A4 document (the size of my photo paper), I ended up with this:

PMN-SEPTB-5I repeated the process 3 times – right side bottom layer (sunset view) then both the left side and right side of the top layer (morning view). I printed each of these photos on A4 paper using my Canon Pixma E510. For projects like these, it helps to have a printer at home – so you can reprint again if something goes wrong. Haha.

I had planned for the front/top side of the flip pocket to be the morning view, and when you flip it up the sunset view below is revealed. But that exposes the backside of the flip pocket too, so I printed out ‘PARADISE’ on 6×12 paper. I don’t know if you can tell from the photo but 6×12 is HUGE:

PMN-SEPTB-6Since I was going to stitch the pockets closed at the top (so that it could flip up and down), I needed to already have something at the back of the sunset image, too. I printed out another 6×12 photo — this awesome picture of myself — using the same select tool method I described above. Here’s how it looks in the pockets:

PMN-SEPTB-8After some trimming to match up the squares exactly when they were placed back to back, I sewed the top of the plastic page protectors using normal needle and thread. I don’t have a sewing machine, but it was easy enough to do on my own. Since that’s the ‘hinge’ for the flip pocket, I cut off the extra plastic on the left side of the halved page protector so it could flip up and down easily. I punched two holes in the remaining half so it could be more stable in a D-ring album.


Voila! No embellishing –  just three pictures and one word: paradise. Here’s how it looks closed, then flipped up:




Despite the length of this post, it was relatively simple to make. CH has called me out on my love for the blown up photo, and I’m leveling up with this insert. Haha! I’m so glad it turned out how I wanted it to. Let me know if you try it! Tag us on Instagram or Twitter using #lifedocumentedmanila. Here’s the .gif again, because .gif’s are fun and I made this with the Party Party app (which I love).



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