Currently: September 22, 2014

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CH: My weekly horoscope. Ehehehe. #guiltypleasure
Pinky: Picked up a couple of books at the Manila International Book Fair over the weekend. I’ve started Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon and Girltalk by Christie Young. Both v. v. v. good.
Yam: Esquire magazine (September 2014) with the Eraserheads on the cover. Finally tracked down a copy at the annual Manila International Book Fair (MIBF)

CH: Nothing really. But I tried watching the pilot of Breaking Bad last night and I got sad. I think I need a more positive show!
Pinky: Bones to pass the time while I work, but I’m excited for Scandal to come back soon!
Yam: Lupin III with friends, and the TV series You’re the Worst

Currently…listening to:
CH:  Love listening to podcasts when I walk to and from work, and lately my favorite has been The Lively Show. Her latest interview with Kate Arends made me cry.
Pinky: Ed Sheeran’s X album. I should probably clear out my iTunes library since I just listen to Ed, 1D and Taylor 90% of the time. Excited for some news about him to be announced soon! 😉
Yam: Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll album again after months of not listening to it.

CH: An iPhone 6 plus. Ha! Someone at an event I attended yesterday already had an iPhone 6! #createdwants! The screen is so much bigger and seems friendlier. (Also, that’s so typical of SF!)
Pinky: to devote more time to reading professional and creativity books.
Yam: to push away all typhoons, block intense rain fall, and prevent flooding from happening anytime soon.

CH: My restful Sunday. Sure, it was full of to-dos and work, but finishing things at my own pace. (On weekdays I constantly feel like I’m being chased!)
Pinky: I figured out how to print using the Instax Share!
Yam: the Marvy Uchida Le Plume II pens I bought at MIBF.

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