Currently: September 15, 2014

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CH: School’s back in session (yay?) so right now it’s a book on digital design and UX.
Pinky: This long article on Buzzfeed about Tinder and why we swipe the way we swipe. I’m not on Tinder but I found it a good read.
Yam: (rereading) Matilda by Roald Dahl. It was Roald Dahl Day last September 13!

CH: Just finished watching Percy Jackson 2 — well, more like had it playing in the background while I tried to finish work.
Pinky: Finished my Rookie Blue marathon in one weekend, catching up on Castle and Bones next.
Yam: the music video for Sabado by The Eraserheads

Currently…listening to:
CH: Oh my. I’m on a Boyz II Men phase now. How I’ve missed those songs! #90skid
Pinky: nothing lately.. too much TV!
Yam: to Fireproof by One Direction.

CH: … to control time. Wish I could, like Hermione, turn back the clock. Need more hours in a day!
Pinky: to be well again. I’ve been sick for about a week now — bedridden levels over the weekend — and I really really need to get back on track.
Yam: Liz T’s On My Desk line from Gossamer Blue. When will it be available for everyone to buy??

CH: Well, more like over the moon and excited for Kelly Purkey’s upcoming kit, which she asked me to design. (Talk about a dream come true!) Should be out tomorrow!
Pinky: I was finally able to scrap over the weekend! (LOL, perks of being sick? Not.)
Yam: IKEA’s Paper Shop line!

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