Freebie Friday Originals Roundup #1

Freebie_Friday copyThe reality of saying yes: we said yes too much in August and got caught up working on a lot of other things. We were unable to release a new set but rest assured that we’ve been working double time on Freebie Friday projects, as well as a lot of other fun things in the pipeline.

We love journal cards because it’s not limited use only. These cards may be used in pocket scrapbooking (Project Lifers, raise your hands!), regular journal writing, planners (we’ve noticed a huge following among those who maintain and decorate planners), letter writing, gift-giving, etc.

Here’s a roundup of the freebies with journal cards that we’ve released so far:

LIFE IN LISTS  Journal Cards
Making lists is an easy to do journaling in your projects. A simple list can mean a lot! Writing a list can also help organize your thoughts. You can easily customize and decorate these cards when printed white cardstock or board paper. Decorate as you like, or leave it as is.

CURRENTLY Journal Cards
We love these because it’s a great way to document your life without having to write We have a new version with a completely different script and more color options (Set A1, Set A2), available in our digital shop. We also have a set with new prompts (Set B1, Set B2).

Additional Ideas:
1. For parents with children (age doesn’t matter), this would be a good way to remember what their “Currently” was at a certain period in their lives, especially our Currently set with the new prompts (Set B1, Set B2). If the kids cannot write yet, have them dictate their answers.
2. These prompts don’t need to document what you were doing in one day only. It can be your “currents” over a specific length of time or days.
3. This may be a good way of documenting a teen’s life. Teens tend to change their taste in books, movies, food, etc. every so often. Why not fill up a card monthly over the course of one school year?


DAYS OF THE WEEK Journal Cards
Available in both lined and unlined versions, these cards are useful not just for pocket scrapbooking, but also those who want to journal on the go, without having to bring a big notebook. Like our Life in Lists series, these cards printed on white cardstock or board paper is easily customizable!

Additional Ideas:
1. If you’re going on a trip with family or friends, why not print these and pass them around to your travel companions? Have them jot down a memory, a list of places to visit/visited, notes from the trip and whatnot? It would be nice to read about the same trip or event from someone else’s perspective.
2. Not a writer? Doodle on the unlined cards!
3. Free write! Writing something per day can be good for the soul. One suggestion is to write down what’s on your mind each morning. Just write in the allotted space, then leave it.

This is one of our most popular sets. An expanded version is available in our digital shop, with more designs. Those who are more familiar with using digital files may use these digital projects, too.

You may download these freebies by first liking the Life Documented Manila Facebook Page. Look for the “LDM Freebies” tab and you will be able to access the download links from there.

When you use these freebies in your projects and post on Instagram, please tag your posts with #lifedocumentedmanila so we can see what you do.

We’ll be back soon with more of our original designs. In the meantime, after you download our freebies, why not take a look at the other options in our digital shop?


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