LDM on 9TV’s Daybreak

Last Monday, we were featured on 9TV’s Daybreak. We were actually asked last month if we were available to be interviewed, but we weren’t available until September. Honestly, we all freaked out. (In a good way!) Never in our wildest dreams did we think we’d be featured on national TV, introducing Project Life to the Philippines. Thanks Kevin for recommending us!

Here’s the full video:

Special thanks to 9TV (formerly SOLAR News) for providing a copy. Featured are our original designs (yay!) and we also included some cards from Heidi Swapp+Becky Higgins’ Favorite Things kit for that extra pop of color.

After the jump we share more behind the scenes photos and snippets.

From the day we found out about it (Wednesday) to the day of the interview (Monday) it was all a frantic blur. On the business side, we had to have some signs made, clean the area where they were going to shoot, print and cut all our original designs (both the freebies found at our Facebook page and the designs found in our digital shop). On the personal side, we had to get our eyebrows done, nails done, hair done, errthing did. 😉

We laid out a few things the night before. The idea was to show how we set up during our workshops, but we also weren’t sure if the show’s staff would want to show everything differently.

Not wanting to look like complete zombies, we forced ourselves to be in bed by midnight. Ch even sent us more good luck and a notice for supplies shopping (wahaha, it never ends) before we fell asleep. It seemed like we only slept for half an hour when our alarm rang at 4am! We moved as fast as we could, then waited for confirmation from the coordinator. We were having a quick breakfast when we were told that the crew was on the way.

The first thing they did was to figure out the set-up for the supplies, and where the interview would take place.

9TV CREW: TWO CAMERA MEN (DEWAYNE, MICHAEL), field producer (emerson)

There was a pre-video shoot done early on, wherein the camera man took close-up shots of the supplies and the stamping demo.

After the pre-video shoot, most of the supplies were moved to the live interview spot.

Here are some of the supplies we laid out. These are some of the usual type of supplies we make available to workshop participants, although the individual items are not the exact ones we prepare.

It worked out really really well, despite our nerves. It helps that the reporter took the time to chitchat with us prior to the interview going live, so we were able to relax a bit and feel as if we’re just talking with a friend. Thanks, Pia!


Some of our friends and family members were able to watch the interview live, and they sent us photos of their respective TV screens, and videos of the feature.

The 9TV crew left shortly after the interview wrapped up. They were probably there for a total of 1.5 hours.

Bonus: we shared a few photos on our personal Instragam accounts but here are two photos side by side showing our Before Interview and After Interview faces. Stress + Relief!

To all our friends, families, and the local Project Life community: thank you for all your kind words and encouragement!

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