Pinky’s Project Life: Catch-Up Scrapbooking while Traveling

PL_Tuesdays copyHello! I’m back! Feels like it’s been forever since I last wrote a post for Project Life Tuesday. Things have still been crazy! I tweeted at one point that the pace of my life lately has been  work-work-work-travel-work-work-work-travel. When I’m traveling I’m so relaxed, but when I’m not, I’m SO TIRED. There’s been a lot of great things happening for Life Documented Manila (including our first TV feature yesterday! So awesome and unbelievable!) but that hasn’t left me much time to create.

I’ve been hopelessly behind for months, so I got really excited when I saw Caylee Grey and Olya Schmidt talking about #letscatchuponprojectlife on Instagram. “I can do this!” I thought. “I can catch up on three months during the 4-day long weekend! That’s plenty of time!” Well, it turns out my optimism was too ambitious! I was able to get around 3 weeks’ worth (almost) done in 4 days. That’s still pretty good considering there were weeks I’d gone without any scrapping whatsoever. I wanted to share some tips today to help anyone who may be trying to catch up, whether on the road or just at home.

1. DO have a plan. I stuck to Design A (mostly) and sketched out every week that I wanted to cover. I went through my Momento app — it collates Facebook, Twitter, Instagram feeds in calendar format — and my personal diary and gratitude journal. I was able to figure out what I wanted to put where. Although I didn’t always stick to it, it was helpful to have the skeleton of how I wanted my album to flow.


2. DO print your photos in advance. It really helped to have all the photos waiting in the pockets already. Every time I could squeeze in 10 mins of working on the spreads, knowing this photo went here and that photo went there already took some of the stress away from it. Having a Canon Selphy helped, because I could print directly from my phone whenever convenient.

3. DO use cute paper. I had used normal orange post-its before to mark some things I wanted to document later on.  Using cute new sticky notes suddenly made me super energized to work on the project. It also helps me cut down on my stash, yay!


4. DO pack light. This is for scrapbooking on vacation specifically, but it may still help you if you’re struggling with catching up. I had chosen only 4 colors to work with – teal, orange, black, and gray. (Seafoam colors!) I only picked out a couple of cards from each stash – maybe between 20-30 per color ONLY. I wanted to give myself some options while working, but I didn’t want to have so many that I’d be overwhelmed. I also brought: 5 4×6 stamps and 5 smaller stamps, 4 small cubes of stamp ink in the same colors as above, embellishments, label stickers, Kelly Purkey alpha stickers, Studio Calico mini alphabet stickers, and samples of my favorite washi tape wrapped around popsicle sticks. Having such a limited range of supplies helped me work faster. Inside the pencil case are: Tiny Attacher, corner rounder from Muji, Sharpie very fine in black, Pilot frixion pen (the best pen ever), and a Kokuyo dot roller.



5. DO stick to what you know. By now I know that I’m not a huge embellisher. I do like using labels a lot, though, so I made sure to have labels on hand. I printed these labels from Kaitlin Shaeffer on vellum and they were a TOTAL GAMECHANGER. I am obsessed.

PMN-PLTues-Sept-76. DO NOT forget to enjoy the adventure. I stayed in paradise – blue waters everywhere, gentle sea breeze, the sound of ocean waves. I would go back to El Nido, Palawan (here in the Philippines) again and again. But at some point, I was tempted to spend more of my time inside of the room than out of it – mostly due to me pressuring myself to get things done. I had to remind myself that living life in the moment is more important than documenting past memories.

PMN-PLTues-Sept-2 7. DO NOT let the pressure overwhelm you. Project Life is supposed to be fun 🙂 I tend to forget this myself since I worry about needing to catch up so much.

8. DO NOT overthink things. I decided to just go with the flow and not worry about if something looked ‘pretty’ or not. If I gravitated towards one card more than the other, I just went with it right away. (Usually I’d dig through my stash again to check if it was really the BEST card I could use.) In some instances, better done than perfect.
I mentioned earlier that the spreads are unfinished, but I wanted to share them here anyway. They all have just one or two more things that need to be done: print out something from my computer, split the pocket into 2 by stitching through it, etc. Gotta find time to do those last things!


PMN-PLTues-Sept-9These are two Becky Higgins Design H  page protectors laid out back to back. I stitched the photos together in photoshop. Since this trip took place from Saturday to Monday, I decided to treat it like an insert.




You can see from the photo of the sticky notes above that this lives in my album outside of the page protectors. 🙂


Thanks for reading! In case you haven’t read it yet, my crafts room and I were featured over on Organized by Pam. Also, registration for our September workshop is here and for the crop party, here.

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