Project Life Tuesday: One Year Ago

PL_Tuesdays copyThis week is quite special to the LDM Team as we are celebrating our first anniversary! Workshop participants have heard this story, but the gist is: a year ago, we were talking about our plans to bring Project Life to the Philippines. It so happened that Ch was going home for a wedding and we decided to meet up to make our plans real. It was exciting and scary, but as we’ve said many times, we just decided to dive right in. To say yes. To figure it out as we went along.

We consider August 31 as our birthday, since it was the day we met up to hold our first “workshop.” We tried to set one up, but it ended up just being the three of us (although our friend Liz dropped by at one point).

We talked more about that day in this post. Here’s how we documented it:

CH // do what you love

This was an unfinished page from my 2013 album — I had to go home during the summer for my friend Leah’s wedding, and ended up talking about starting LDM and making it real. The rest of this spread has unfinished (empty!) journaling cards and some other photos of me having lunch/dinner/coffee/merienda with friends (as it always goes when I’m home for a few weeks, gotta catch up!) I love that Yam made her brother take three Instax shots so we’d all go home with one — such typical scrapbookers, right? Also glad I found the perfect journaling card to stick the Instax on to. LDM is, really, all about our passion for paper and stories, and so happy to see more people in Manila getting into Project Life. <3

Other things on this page: our first logo (yay!), some day passes for my friend’s co-working space in Katipunan (where we held our first workshop, too!) and a quick shot after lunch with my buddy Ryan. 🙂


PINKY // Just One day

Compared to Yam’s and CH’s, my documentation is the most minimal. Heck, I didn’t even write anything except the date! The truth is, I had misplaced the Instax from Yam for a couple of weeks and so I worked around the pocket dedicated to it. Hehehe. (#whatafriend #whatapartner) I do remember that I made sure to have a busy background since the Instax film was plain white.


It was a busy week for me – all the other pockets had a lot of things going on. I even took the time to write about the pork barrel scam, N Sync reuniting at the VMAs, an art exhibit I went to. But still, I am glad to have this one pocket dedicated to our humble beginnings. In contrast, my ‘coverage’ of our first workshop in October last year spanned almost an entire page. Maybe I’ll show it for my October post… we’ll see!



Can you tell that day was a big deal for me by looking at this spread? I didn’t show the bottom part — the two 4×6 pockets contain non-LDM stuff that I wanted to document.

I brought my Instax along and asked my brother to take three photos so each one of us would go home with a photo. Since the actual photo is smaller than the 3×4 pocket, I just adhered it on a 3×4 card using washi (a technique I love and still use until now). The “let’s do this” card is from Studio Calico and I love the black and yellow combo. It had been in my stash for a while until I decided to use it on my spread for this week.



Well, one year from now you’ll wish you started your own scrapbook today. How about joining our next  Beginner’s Workshop (in collaboration with Make It Blissful) on September 20? We hope to see you there!

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  1. Yipee. I am excited I will finally get to create my own scrapbook since I will join the workshop on Sept 20. Congratulations to all of you in LDM and Happy 1st anniversary. 🙂

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