Christine’s Project Life: Yes and Yes Yes!

PL_Tuesdays copyFor this week’s PL Tuesday, I’m catching up on PL spreads (I’m a few months behind… maybe I ought to join #letscatchuponprojectlife too!) and I wanted to do one with lots of pictures for a change. My printer’s been broken for a while (hence the PL hiatus) so I edited some photos and had these printed at a local copy shop.

July 7 – 13, 2014
This was the week I said yes to an unconventional design conference called Yes and Yes Yes, which was held in Palm Springs, CA. I’m not sure what made me say yes — I booked my tickets months in advance — but perhaps it was the need for a challenge (going to a conference in another place all alone? Check!), or the need for sunshine (hello, Palm Springs!) I remember being so nervous to go as the weeks were getting closer (my friend, Craig, who went last year, told me that it wasn’t very introvert-friendly… haha!) but now that it’s done, he was right, but I still got to escape while everyone was partying (at prom. Yup, they had prom!) As I was going through my photos I realized I had tons; I wish I had more of the people I had met there, but pool pics are great, too. It was held at the Ace Palm Springs, which means… photobooth! 

Also: lighting in my room is horrible, so I had to find a different angle to shoot my album this week. Hahha. Hope it isn’t too weird!

photo 1 copy

JULY 7-13, 2014 // 1st spread

For this week, I used the Simple Stories 6×8 page protector with the 2×2 squares. I wanted to challenge myself to use that configuration and get creative with my photos (instead of printing out a million 2×2 photos!) I included a screenshot of my redesigned portfolio, a quote I hand lettered that week, and a shot of my shirt going through a second round on Cotton Bureau (yay!) It was fun including bits and pieces from YxYY because they gave away so much swag — I had stickers, cards, tickets, etc., from the event, so it was fun to incorporate those into my layout. (Photo on top right was taken from the YxYY FB page and was taken by Maykel Loomans, not me ;)!)

photo 2 copy

A closer look — the gold accents are from these rubons from SMASH journal, which, fail, didn’t work. The gold was supposed to transfer gold lines onto a piece of paper but they cracked; so I used the backing foil instead (if you see, the white spots are the parts of the foil that did transfer. Gah! No wonder it was on sale. Oh well, I have other ways of using it!)

photo 3 copy

JULY 7-13, 2014 // 2nd SPREAD

I still had photos so I kept going! 🙂 I loved including shots of the marquee where the organizers would put new messages each day, not to mention the signs around the Ace (and the pool!) One of the other attendees, Jon, took this picture of me and my roommate for that weekend, Lisa (we met that weekend!) before leaving. Thought it was a great shot of us and a good one to remember her by. Another one of the friends I made that weekend, Grace, joined me while I was figuring out the vintage photobooth (lol, was so obviously caught by surprise in the first shot — that was me saying, “How do I know if it work—” *CLICK*) Also love that picture of the mountains that I got — it was a scorching 45°C that weekend. Sitting by the pool = fried!

photo 4 copy

One of the attendees was 3D printing these plastic ampersands based on the YxYY logo. So pretty. Oh, oh — trivia, but the illustrator who drew the dinosaur and the logo for this year’s Yes (well, and last year’s too) was the same illustrator who drew the original Twitter Fail Whale, if you guys remember that. She spoke a little about it, which was fun!

Oh, and here’s a peek at the process, for fun:

2014-08-18 18.03.52

Even though I sketched out the layout, it still felt like putting together a puzzle. Some photos didn’t make the cut in the end.

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  1. Lovely page. Loving the 6×8 page protector with the 2×2 squares. I might try that orientation next time. 🙂 Just a question, what happen to the photos that didn’t make the cut?

    1. … they get tossed! 🙂 Haha! Well, the ones that didn’t make the cut were a bit redundant. But yup, can’t include them all, sadly! 🙂

      The 2×2 squares are so much fun, but super challenging! 🙂

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