Currently: August 18 2014


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Currently… reading:
CH: This week, it’s an online course on designing mobile apps. Been super curious to learn more!
Pinky: Diary and gratitude journal entries for the past few months as I’ve been participating in #letscatchuponprojectlife on Instagram. Four months to catch up on and I’m determined to get the bulk of it done this upcoming long weekend!
Yam: just started with I’ll Be Right There by Kyung Sook Shin.

Currently… watching:
CH: Nothing at the moment, although I really want to go see Guardians of the Galaxy (late to the party, I know!)
Pinky: I caught the musical Rak of Aegis over the weekend. So much fun! I would’ve enjoyed it even more if I were familiar with more Aegis songs, haha. We got pulled onstage by our castmember friend who was celebrating his birthday that day. Happy birthday, Gio! <3
Yam: Hanson’s 5 of 5 DVDs this weekend. I feel bad not finalizing my plans to see them in Australia or New Zealand 🙁

Currently… listening to:
CH: Ah, recently dug up some old favorites, including the classic Rivermaya – Kisapmata. 😉
Pinky: some old Coldplay songs. Charlie Brown is an all-time fave. <3
Yam: to this podcast by Sarah R. Bagley featuring Ali Edwards on goals, the creative process, and telling real stories. Will have to listen to the past ones because I love the idea behind Sarah’s blog–“a recovering perfectionist’s guide to a B+ life.” I’m all about embracing the imperfections in life!

Currently… wanting:
CH: Really, still, to travel. This is the first summer in a while that I don’t have any trips planned and my wanderlust is slowly eating me up from inside! Haha!
Pinky: another Twix ice cream bar even though I just had one after dinner. SO GOOD.
Yam: more time or money, or both. Oh, and I need to replenish my stock of Instax mini film!

Currently loving:
: The different, unexpected ways the Universe surprises me. It hasn’t been an easy week; started horrible but ended on a nice, optimistic note!
Pinky: My mind was wandering during mass and I came home with the intense urge to try printing labels on vellum. They came out BEAUTIFULLY. I’m in love!!
Yam: this post: 46 Life-Changing Things That Happen At A One Direction Concert. Ace captions!

In case you missed it, we’ve opened registration for our big Beginner’s Workshop (in collaboration with Make It Blissful) and our Crop Party, both happening on September 20 at Slate Studio. Hope to see you there!

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