Yam’s Project Life: The Past Week

PL_Tuesdays copyLately I’ve been inspired to work on a spread right after a week has finished. It can be as simple as slipping in stuff from the week into the pocket page protectors, or actually writing on journal cards and printing photos. I have unfinished spreads in between, but I find that if I force myself to work on past weeks just to “be caught up,” it doesn’t work for me. I can always go back to those unfinished spreads later.

Here are my spreads from last week, August 4-10. It was a busy week for me, with emphasis on saying yes to new things, having courage, and making big decisions, with fun stuff in between.

I printed my photos first, then assembled them on top of each page protector, before deciding which cards to use. I ended up pulling cards from the following editions: Jade, Kiwi, Seafoam.

Left Side:

The photo of the small cactus was taken at my friend’s office.

The personalized Coca-Cola bottles (500ml) were free from the brand’s activation booth. We had to buy Coca Cola products and in return we got to personalize our own bottles. It was fun to participate because my name (and my siblings’) aren’t common, so it’s not part of the available names in the country. I think Coke has a different promotion per country – let me know what they do in yours! Do they print on cans or glass bottle labels?

Here’s a closer look at my title card for the week:

The 4×6 card is one of my favorites from the Jade kit. I added red alphas and stamped the dates below. The “lets do this” strip is actually a sticker by Tina of Life Love Paper (for Studio Calico) which I cut to a shorter length.

I mentioned that last week having courage was important. It was rather timely when I found this card in my stash. I stuck it on my wall, then decided it could also go in my spread for the week.

Note to self? Yeah. You got this.

The card is from one of Kelly Purkey’s old kits. I found it in my stash and initially stuck on my wall using slim washi. If you look closer, you’ll see the washi in the other shot of the left side spread.  When I saw it again I knew it would be perfect for my spread, so I just slipped it in the page protector.

i just had to include this! the popcorn photo was taken on a different day, but i had to include it after i sort of got ‘judged’ for buying popcorn so often! hahaha. it kinda annoyed me at first but i just laughed about it afterwards. the girl was still a trainee after all. the regular employees never comment like that and i’m sure i’m not the only regular customer. besides, hey, i’m giving them good business!

Right Side:

Major highlight of the week was attending Cinemalaya screenings! *happy dance* I would have started watching the weekend before, but I already blocked off the opening Saturday (Aug 2) for the Design Her Story conference.

Top left pocket: I saw some actors at screenings I attended and I shamelessly asked for a photo with them. Hey, if they’re good, then I want to at least be able to come up to them and tell them myself!

Middle pocket with the quote — the quote is from Kidlat Tahimik. The guy in the photo is Kidlat Tahimik (!!!) He is considered the Father of Philippine Independent Cinema and it was an honor to watch his current redux of Memories of Over Development (Unang Balikbayan) and a short presentation. Too bad, there wasn’t enough time for a Q&A but to be in the presence of a creative man totally made my day.

Bottom left pocket: I cut up some parts of the screening guide/pamphlet and slipped it in. Luckily it was 4inches in height, and I just had to trim to 6in length.

i just stamped ‘twenty fourteen’ on the photo.


Next is the card which took MOST effort. I made an infographic with some details from my experience at Cinemalaya this year. Looking at it now, I know I could add more info and update it but then again, done is better than perfect!

To do this infographic, I looked for some free icons to use that were related to cinema. I opened a 3×4 in. canvas in Photoshop and just added in the icons and my own information. I printed it on white cardstock, trimmed, and slipped in the pocket. Making an infographic is a good way to include a lot of information without using too many cards.

The pocket on the right contains a 4x3in. kraft envelope (from Kraft Daily Envelope Set). I chose the ‘Sunday’ envelope because it was the last day of the festival. I put most of the tickets for the screenings I attended inside the envelope. I think this is the first time I ended up seeing films on the last day — in previous years I prefer to finish seeing everything I want before the festival ends!

I didn’t use any of the LDM original designs in my spread this week, but don’t forget to check out our digital shop! More designs should be available very soon 🙂


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