Currently: August 11 2014

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Currently… reading:
CH: Catching up on monthly forecasts — horoscopes are my guilty pleasure! I suppose it’s because I feel like a typical Taurus, so every time I read my horoscope I can totally relate.
Pinky: the Vanity Fair issue celebrating Prince George’s first birthday. Hihihi. Love that kid! #stagetita
Yam: Coming Clean by Kimberly Rae Miller (I’m about to finish it *whew) and this article about The HONY Effect: How ‘Humans of New York’ is altering lives

Currently… watching:
CH: Nothing at the moment!
Pinky: Over the weekend I attended a murder mystery show at Edsa Shangri-La. SO MUCH FUN. It’s basically an interactive play where the audience participates in solving a mystery. It comes with a very fancy dinner, too. More info about it here — unfortunately, the show only ran for three nights. But they should be back with a different story soon!
Yam: films from this year’s Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival. I always try to attend (since the first one many years ago) and since I missed the opening weekend I really had to make sure the past few days were devoted to the festival.

Currently… listening to:
CH: Oh my, the songs from Begin Again. Finally got the chance to see it last night and love, love, love it.
Pinky: The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack was soooooo good.
Yam: a playlist I found on Spotify called ‘Happy To Be Home’ 🙂 I already found a lot of songs I like on the list.

Currently… wanting:
CH: To escape! I was thinking of booking an impromptu trip for next weekend but a ticket to Portland was $500+! Insane! But I’m going insane too, haha. Need. to. travel.
Pinky: Time to work on my Project Life and other personal projects! Aaaah, my personal to-do list is so long. 🙁
Yam: a new power cord for my phone. My current one is not working properly.

Currently loving:
: … The feeling you get after being super productive. Worked on my personal Etsy shop this week and just seeing all the products up makes me so happy. What took me so long to start this?!
Pinky: Technology – I was able to livestream the Ateneo game yesterday on my phone while I was at the salon! Hitting two birds with one stone, haha.
Yam: this illustrated map of “A Map of the Introvert’s Heart”

We’ve received a lot of inquiries about the shop re-opening… watch out for an announcement this week! And we’ve got some new kits coming in… they’re so dreamy and may get on our list of favorite things… 😉 😉 😉

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