Currently: August 4 2014

Currently copyEvery Monday, we share the ‘right now’ of our lives. Play along with us by using the printable we made and tagging us on Instagram (#ldmcurrently)! The free printable can be downloaded through instructions found here. We have more colors and prompts available in our digital shop, too!

Currently… reading:
CH: Blog posts on Medium, mostly about user interfaces/user research, topics I’d love to learn more about.
Pinky: Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. I think I first heard about this from CH a few months ago and I’ve been seeing some people post about it on Instagram, so I got curious.
Yam: Coming Clean by Kimberly Rae Miller.

Currently… watching:
CH: Nothing lately! I do have a couple of movies I need to see soon, though.
Pinky: The Americans. It’s reaaaaally good. Two Russian spies pretend to be an all-American couple living in the suburbs. Ever since news of these people came out (a few years ago) I’ve been intrigued by how they must’ve lived. I’m curious though… how do their wigs not fall off during their R-18 assignations? Surely their marks touch their hair…
Yam: this  Love Story in Paper Cut Stop-Motion video. How adorable is it?! 🙂

Currently… listening to:
CH: My cousin tell stories — I’m hanging out with her this weekend to catch up.
Pinky: I’m actually a little embarrassed at how much I’m STILL listening to Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. Even when I try to listen to other songs on my phone, I still come back to those two.
Yam: to Brave by Sara Bareilles. Not a recent song, but a good one! If you haven’t seen the music video, watch it! One of my faves is the guy dancing in the library. Btw, found out she’ll be in Japan on Sept 29 then Singapore on October 1. Too bad she doesn’t seem to have plans to stop by Manila 🙁

Currently… wanting:
CH: More sleep.
Pinky: To not be sick anymore. While in Jakarta I was hit with a really unpleasant stomach flu bug that lingered even until the weekend! I’ve also got some sinus/migraine problems so on the whole it’s just been so sucky lately.
Yam: a big, fat BURRITO. I’ve had this mad craving for days!

Currently loving:
: The weekend. Time to sleep in!
Pinky: That we finally launched our digital shop over the weekend! So, so exciting.
Yam: this weekend’s Design Her Story conference. Very inspiring talks + lots of eager attendees.

In case you missed the announcement – we just launched our digital shop! Check out our available designs. More to come in the weeks ahead. 🙂 Seriously, it’s a dream come true for us and we are SO excited for what we have in store for everyone.

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