Freebie Friday #25: On Saying YES

Hi everyone. First,  I’m here to announce that we are making some changes to our Freebie Friday series. Starting this month, our freebie posts won’t be as frequent. It’s honestly not always so easy to find free things we want to share with you, and we realized we would rather share as we find cool (and free) things, versus actively looking for something free to share. What won’t change is us offering an exclusive printable each month. You gotta keep looking forward to those exclusives! 🙂

Next, our theme for August is SAYING YES. This is important not just to me, but the entire Life Documented Manila (LDM) Team.


Almost one year ago, after joking that maybe we should start a business, the three of us made concrete plans to turn our passion and love for memory-keeping into Something.  That Something turned into all these things: our blog, our series of workshops, crop parties, our shop, and so much more.

Not a day passes by where we don’t discuss our plans and ideas. As I write this post, Ch probably just woke up to start her day, and Pinky is getting ready to fly back home from Jakarta. Our WhatsApp group thread is usually peppered with stories + ideas. I usually have to take notes, lest our ideas be drowned in our numerous messages.

None of us even has a business degree, and all we’ve done from day one is figure it out one by one. All it took to reach this point was each one of us saying “Yes, I’m in,” “Yes, let’s do this.”

We’re happy when people say yes to the challenge of doing something new, especially when they choose to do it with us by attending a workshop to start their own album. All it takes is saying yes, and taking a step forward. Whatever you choose to do, we hope that you say yes to something, or even someone this month. 🙂

MEMORY-KEEPING IDEA: We shared a graphic above, which you can print on plain white cardstock and use as you wish. If printed and trimmed to a 3×4 card, it may easily be slipped in a pocket of a page protector.


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