Project Life Tuesday: Weekend Adventures

PL_Tuesdays copyIt’s no secret that the three of us share a love for travel. If only we could travel (and scrapbook) for a living, we probably would! One way we give in to wanderlust is by going on a weekend trip. Something as simple as going to one end of the city, or visiting a neighborhood we don’t often get to explore can definitely be a weekend adventure.

This Tuesday, we want to share how we each documented a weekend getaway in our albums.


One of my favorite weekend getaways from last year was a short trip I made to Portland, OR, to see my favorite band (Hanson!) It was just for the weekend, since I had class, and I’m lucky that Portland isn’t so far away πŸ™‚ I actually finished these pages a few weeks after the trip last year. I think I got really inspired by the fun bits I picked up along the way.

I ended up using three page protectors for this trip because I had collected so many things and took lots of pictures. This is what I love about using 6×8 page protectors β€” they’re just right for my weeks usually, but if and when I think I need more, it’s so easy to just keep going. (There are no rules!)


This was my first half-spread. Tickets (both train + flight boarding passes), Stumptown swag and the obligatory mirror selfie because I had finally booked a night at the Ace Hotel! (Love, love, love that place. Even their bellboys are hipsters with handlebar moustaches!)


A closer look: I wanted to show both sides of the Stumptown cards so I decided to put them in a pocket without a 3×4 card. Works, right?


My second spread includes a receipt from Powells (if you look closer, you’ll see I had to buy an umbrella! Ugh! The rain that weekend was horrible, as seen on the weather report in the pocket beside it!) I remember arriving in PDX around noon and heading straight for the concert venue. Ended up waiting in line, in the rain, until 7pm. Crazy, right? Favorite thing about Hanson fans is (and this always makes me laugh) β€” we’re all pretty much around the same age range. So energy levels are wayyyy lower than teenagers. So if you listen closely, most conversations are like, “I’m glad my husband could take of the kids tonight so I can see Hanson….” Hahaha! They still scream / cheer loudly, but no one’s really pushing to get to the front as much anymore πŸ˜‰

A closer shot at the marquee of the venue, and my journaling card πŸ™‚




This past February I had a quick weekend trip to Cebu scheduled with some colleagues. The great thing about the Philippines is there are a couple of budget airlines that ALWAYS go on sale, so it’s so easy to pack up and jet off to a different island every so often. My friends in the US actually tell me, “Stop not working!” because I post about travel so much.


Back to the story – we went to Cebu just for a weekend. We flew out early Saturday morning (I think it was still dark when we took off) and came back to Manila late Sunday evening. Despite the shortness of the trip, it was nice spending time together. I decided to document it with only the best photos from the trip.


I love stamping on photos. There’s a feeling of satisfaction that I get when I find just the right stamp, to place in juuuuust the right area of the photo… (hope I don’t sound too crazy) and it’s a good way to decorate without being too over-the-top-embellished. The ink has started to smudge, but I think I’m okay with it – the effect reminds me of those old sepia-toned photos.

PMN_July2_3Another trick I did for the first time is stamping on vellum. Let me tell you a secret: I actually stamped the same thing on the photo, but the black ink couldn’t be seen because the photo is too dark. (similar to the utensils stamp on the top right photo) I got the idea to stamp on vellum and cover up the mis-stamped area, and I really like how it turned out! Also, how great is this hammock? I really want one!

Not shown: the 50% of our time we spent sleeping, and the other 50% dedicated to eating. HAHA. Nothing fancy (no inserts!) but I really like how the spread turned out. Simple and laid back, just like our weekend getaway. πŸ™‚



Last November, I booked an impulse trip to nearby Singapore to see Matchbox Twenty. They were supposed to play in Manila, but due to the threat of a typhoon, their show was cancelled. I was devastated, since they’re one of my favorite bands and prior to their SE Asia tour, I’d never seen them live. I managed to convince one of my friends, Patrick, to join me and we booked our tickets the night before flying out! Later, he told me that it was his first time to do something that crazy.

It was a busy week and since the trip happened on the last day of the week (I consider Sunday as the last day of my weeks in my PL album), I added an insert to document my weekend. I dedicated a whole spread to the band.

Too much? Nah. I had a lot of fun at the concert! We managed to secure a good spot close to the stage and I appreciated that there wasn’t any pushing or jostling so people at the back could get nearer. There were other Pinoys near us who were so surprised when they found out we flew in just to watch the concert. Pretty much everything we did before going to venue seemed like a blur, from figuring out the bus route from the hotel, to meeting up with Patrick’s friend, Ian, for dinner at Din Tai Fung. YUM. I’m always game for xiao long bao, but as you can see, MB20 was just the highlight of my day.

A closer look:

I was so excited but I limited my thoughts to one journal card. I didn’t really feel like I had to write a lot to remember how I felt that night. I kept my ticket and just slipped it in one of the pockets.

The weekend spilled over to the following week, so here’s the next spread. Did a couple of other things while in Singapore, but I only chose to include these from the next day and a half:

Monday: Gardens By the Bay, moving to Sentosa, shopping.Β  Tuesday: I was happy to meet up with my friend Pier for a quick lunch at Ippudo ( i was craving for ramen and pork buns). We went our separate ways so Patrick could do his own shopping, while I spent more time with Pier. We did a bit of shopping ourselves, then had snacks at Tiong Bahru Bakery.

One too many photos of plants? Haha! I was happy to finally make it inside Gardens By the Bay and Cloud Forest. Previously, I was only able to look at it from afar while at MBS. This might be my ode to my genuine interest for plants <3

I printed one of my many plant photos then included my ticket to the place as well. I didn’t glue it down or use a paper clip to attach, I just slipped it in.

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