Currently: July 14 2014

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Currently… reading:
CH: Nothing right now, but I got two new books (ah, if only I read books as fast as I buy them…)
Yam:  The Vacationers by Emma Straub. I’m really enjoying it and I am trying to read slowly because I don’t want to finish it just yet.
Pinky: Landline by Rainbow Rowell. So many feelings that caught me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting to cry so much!

Currently… watching:
CH: … people dancing. Haha! I’m at this event/conference that’s sort of like a Palm Springs version of Burning Man, called Yes by Yes Yes. (long story!)
Yam: Begin Again. I loved John Carney’s 2006 film, Once, which you may heard of, so I was hoping his new film would be a good one.
Pinky: Reign, an episode or two at a time. I like that I don’t have to think too hard while watching.

Currently… listening to:
CH: Still a lot of Once.
Yam: Begin Again: Music From & Inspired By The Original Motion Picture. I surprised myself by allowing myself to be “spoiled” via the soundtrack several days before the movie opened in Manila. (Watch this short video of Adam Levine performing an acoustic version of Lost Stars. Plus, hello James Valentine!)
Pinky: some of my old “Brit-pop” loves from years past: Athlete, Orson, Arctic Monkeys, Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin. Not all British but for some reason they’re grouped together as Brit-pop in my mind.

Currently… wanting:
CH: To go somewhere cold! The temperature here is a whopping 45 degrees celsius. That’s way hotter than Manila!
Yam: TO EAT SWEETS. Cannot stress this enough. Got sick last weekend and it sucks. The family doc told me not to drink anything cold + skip sweets until my cough goes away. I’ve been drinking cold water (not ice cold, but still a bit cold) but I held off on the sweets. Gah.
Pinky: some clarity! There’s too much anxiety when I think about the future. I have to remind myself constantly that this year is about faith and that I don’t need to worry.

Currently loving:
: Snapchat. OMG. I use it to send a friend random photos with funny captions on it — not the crazy uses other kids use it for! But love the fact that there’s no pressure for photos to be perfect and that they’re sort of like punchlines more than photos you want to keep.
Yam:  that Gregg Alexander co-wrote most of the songs in Begin Again. ZOMG. If you don’t understand or not aware of the importance of Gregg Alexander, we must have not been born in the same decade. As in, I sure hope I wasn’t the only one who gasped when I saw “Music by Gregg Alexander” in the opening credits!
Pinky: the quick weekend trip we took to Baguio. Short and sweet. Best of all: STRAWBERRIES!

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