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PL_Tuesdays copyThis time last year… I went on an epic trip! (Part II)

Remember this post? Well, the pages I’m talking about today happen a few weeks after that first trip to Zurich / London. So yes, still part of my epic trip! I love our Project Life Tuesday series because it forces me to go back and finish up pages left hanging 😉 (No pressure, though!)

June 10 – 16, 2013
After the long trip to the Mediterranean with my cousins, I met up with another set of cousins in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. After several days of sightseeing and rushing from one historical site to another, this Mexico trip was heaven — it was a lot of lounging by the pool, eating seafood (love!) and drinking, as you can probably see on my pages, ice-cold Mexican beer. (Makes me miss good ‘ol San Mig.) One thing I love about Mexican beer is how they toss lime slices (more like force them through the bottle top)  into ice-cold Pacificos. So good.

An unintentional color scheme for this page: yellow and black!

I included the luggage bag tag because it’s the most number of destinations I’ve seen on one — also gives you a glimpse into the flights I had to hop on and off the whole summer. This one says CLT – PHX – PVR, or Charlotte – Phoenix – Puerto Vallarta. (I had flown from Rome to… Charlotte? Or another stopover. Don’t even remember!) Also, that picture above was us watching the hockey game (my nephews are big hockey fans) — I found it so funny that we were sitting in a sweltering sports bar in frickin’ Mexico watching a hockey game. Haha. But we weren’t the only ones!


Also: yes, that is a real mohawk — my nephew, Ethan, has been rocking it for quite a while. I think it’s too long but is just right for people to either smile, gape, yell, “señor I love your hair!” especially while walking down the malecon. Hahaha. I asked my cousin how he could possibly let his 14-year old son get a mohawk (cute because his mom helps him set it up in the morning, too) and my cousin laughs and says, “Well, he’s an A-student, so he gets to do whatever he wants.” Nice!

June 17 – 23, 2013
The next week I went to New York (hahaha) for a fun lettering workshop and to watch my favorite band – Haaaanson! <3 (Yam will agree with me on this hahaha) It was their 21st birthday concert + Anthem release party, so it was two concerts in a row!!! And the best thing about it was I planned my NYC trip way before I heard they were going to be in town, so it was the best thing. Also, I finally got to use this configuration of page protectors for my Project Life! (Tickets fit perfectly, and the square slots and great for Instagram shots!)


Also glad I got to squeeze in one of our freebie printables into my page. Aside from the lettering workshop and the daily udon lunches (haha it was my favorite spot in St. Mark’s Place in NYC), I also hung out a lot with Aids, my kabarkada, and our friend Chris just so happened to be in town too, so we all grabbed drinks. So great to catch up! (He always jokes that I’m constantly traveling; we also bumped into each other in SF the previous year!)

Yay tickets. (And yay Hanson!)



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