Pinky’s Project Life: Midnight Love

PL_Tuesdays copyHello, friends and soon-to-be-friends! The first thing you need to know about me: my mind needs things to match by color. If I’m wearing a blue and black dress, my shoes will probably be blue or black. My embellishments are all sorted by color, and I’ve talked about how my spreads are usually grouped around a specific color every week. Because of this, I’ve figured out that I scrap best when my cards are arranged by color, too:


I’m able to quickly pick out a color and just look through the cards for the designs that fit my photos for that week. This is especially helpful when I’m trying to play catch-up and knock out as many layouts as I can without overthinking (as I often do).

I had decided to cover October 2013 as a whole month rather than four separate weeks. I chose to stick to Midnight, my favorite edition, because it had a lot of black-and-white cards. I knew those colors wouldn’t compete with my photos, which can be a challenge with the other editions. It was fun to discover that Midnight plays well with other editions – specifically Seafoam and Sunshine, as you’ll see below.

PMN_July_2Cards 1-11 are all from Midnight.

October was a tough time for me personally, so there’s a lot of inspirational shiz from Pinterest. Pinterest is a HUGE timesuck, I have to say. I love it and have to train myself to avoid it except in special circumstances. Also, this spread is typical for a #singlegirlscrapbook – food, friends, and selfies. 😉

PMN_July_3Card 3 is from Sunshine; the labels from cards 5, 6, 10 and 11 are all cut up from the same Seafoam card. Everything else is from Midnight.

More pictures with friends. The lower-right photo on the right side is from our very first workshop! I remember feeling so exhilarated… we were just starting out back then!

PMN_July_4Cards 1 and 7 are from Sunshine, card 11 is from Seafoam, and everything else is from Midnight. There are also two cards here from Clementine (un-numbered), an old edition that was one of the first in our shop.

The left side already covers until the end of October. I like switching things up by doing monthly documentation once in a while; it has a different, less structured feel to it than the usual weekly documentation. The right side documents the long weekend, and the start of red cup season at Starbucks – my favorite! Also: I saw a double rainbow! 🙂

PMN_July_5Cards 2, 4, 5, and 11 are from Sunshine; card 7 is from seafoam; everything else is from Midnight. This time I used more of the yellow-orange cards found in midnight.

Yes, that is the Atom Araullo meme that went around during Typhoon Yolanda. What happened was really devastating, so I wanted to balance it with something that reminded me of how Filipinos always find something to smile about in tragedy. Also, he is super cute, haha.

PMN_July_7Close-up of Card 7 in the above spread. I used a circle punch on an orange Seafoam card and stuck it on top of a black-and-white card that was also from Seafoam.
PMN_July_6Close up of some cards (top left from midnight; top right from sunshine), but also, I just really really love Starbucks Christmas.

I have major love for Midnight because it’s so neutral.  I have difficulty using super bright cards (especially those in Sunshine), so being able to tone them down with a lot of black/white/gray cards has been great. I have a bunch of weeks to catch up on — at least ten! sob — so I may use this monthly documentation + neutral color scheme approach again.

Thanks for reading! Midnight, Seafoam, and Sunshine are all available in our shop. 🙂 We’re announcing our July workshop date soon – watch out for it!

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