Currently: June 30 2014

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Currently… reading:
CH: Still reading World War Z, although I caved and watched the movie last week — it was so loosely based on the book, so it was spoiler free! (Spoilers?! We “survived”, I suppose…)
Yam: The F- It List by Julie Halpern.
Pinky: I finished Jenny Mollen’s new book “I Like You Just The Way I Am” – I recently discovered her on Twitter via Lena Dunham and Chrissy Teigen, and she is HILARIOUS. A little (okay, a lot) batsh*t crazy but you have to give her props for being so open and honest about it.

Currently… watching:
CH: This hilarious video that Yam told me about — a scrapbooker’s husband and daughter open up her Studio Calico kits and try to explain what’s inside…. super funny! It made my weekend.
Yam: the new Transformers movie (meh) and the first episode of Young & Hungry.
Pinky: I’ve been so stressed lately that I haven’t had time to watch anything… I have so many episodes of Orphan Black to catch up on!

Currently… listening to:
CH: Soundtripping to Eraserheads. Told a friend about them; how they were like the “Beatles” of Manila. Haha listening to Pare Ko thinking of how I can possibly translate this song for him, haha.
Yam: to the self-titled debut album of Twin Forks. Been in rotation for a couple of months now. Love it!
Pinky: Ed Sheeran’s new album X. OMG. I could go on and on about it. I’ve been listening to it the whole weekend. I love it in its entirety; my favorite song is “Thinking Out Loud.” That one’s going on my wedding playlist, for sure.

Currently… wanting:
CH: More hours in a day. So many project ideas, so little time! (Although we already have a lot of “time” here in SF… sun sets at 8:30pm!)
Yam: to book a ticket and just leave. Wanderlust hit me hard this week.
Pinky: gentle days ahead.

Currently loving:
: This week. Had coffee with my mentor yesterday and she gave me a slight scolding (but a big pep talk after!), and a couple of more fun coffee conversations with friends throughout the week. Also: lotsa fun projects popping up!
Yam: finally getting to attend a talk hosted by The Better Story Project. The topic was travel and the title of the talk was perfect – The Problem with Itchy Feet.
Pinky: I’m still fantasizing about the amazing dinner we had at d’Talipapa in Boracay on Saturday. You buy all the seafood fresh, at the wet market, then have it cooked at a nearby restaurant. So cheap and so good!

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