Currently: June 23 2014

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Currently… reading:
CH: World War Z by Max Brooks! Haha and I can’t put it down. A friend of mine has a pile of books he was trying to give away; I saw this book in it and I’ve always wanted to read it, so I snatched it right up!
Yam:  Prodigy then Champion, the two other books in the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu. Oh man. I devoured the three books and needed a day to recover. I had to read something completely different — The One and Only by Emily Giffin.
Pinky: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I’m about halfway through and it’s interesting, for sure. So detail-rich! Looking forward to reading J.K. Rowling’s new book (as Robert Galbraith) which I think is out this week.

Currently… watching:
CH:  Nothing yet since Game of Thrones ended! (Should I find a new show?)
Yam: more matches in the 2014 World Cup. One was particularly heartbreaking, to think we’re only in the group stage 🙁
Pinky: 22 Jump Street last night – SO FUNNY. I think I gave myself a sore throat from laughing too hard.

Currently… listening to:
CH: A *lot* of Cuban music. Definitely on a Chef high.
Yam: Ed Sheeran. He has been releasing new tracks daily and some of the new songs revealed are Photograph and Shirtsleeves. His new album is scheduled to be released TODAY (June 23). Woohoo!
Pinky: a lot of Sam Smith – perfect for the weird weather we’re having. Ed Sheeran’s new album just dropped (haha) so I’m excited to get my hands on it. Love him!

Currently… wanting:
CH: Still, to travel. Gotta save up!
Yam: to attend Jenny Han’s book signing ( I didn’t get to attend this weekend. Boo!)
Pinky: money on my mind, money on my mind.

Currently loving:
: Once, the musical. Went to see it last Friday and the music was *amazing*. Violins and banjos and guitars and chorus singing… love!
Yam:  seeing the Full House final scene again after so many years! I remember it and was even mouthing along to the dialog of the characters. Hahaha. What a major throwback!
Pinky: the workshop we had on Saturday. I love seeing beginners get comfortable with Project Life! So much fun to watch them talk about the albums they made.

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