Currently: June 16 2014

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Currently… reading:
CH: Still reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott 🙂
Yam:  Finished Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira (beautiful read!) and started Legend by Marie Lu. Still working through my stack of YA books!
Pinky: about to start The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Been hearing good things about it! Need to stock up on books again – I’ve finished my current stash and will be heading off on an adventure soon.

Currently… watching:
CH:  22 Jump Street! So hilarious, just like the first one.
Yam: the 2014 World Cup! It means many sleepless nights, especially the nights when my favorite teams have scheduled matches (hello matches at 12mn, 3am, 6am local time) but it’s really exciting.
Pinky: Yesterday I watched Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight back to back (to back). So romantic! At times I was so convinced they were a real couple and we (the viewers) were “intruding” – I loved each movie in different measures. The first for its hopefulness, the second for a different kind of hopefulness (a more poignant type, IMHO), and the third for how they portrayed that love is really a choice and hard work. I also loved how real-time everything felt… that they had aged 9 years as they said they did, that we “walked” with them through the streets of Vienna, Paris, Greece… I could watch them talk for hours.

Currently… listening to:
CH: Some Iggy Azalea, after seeing Jimmy Fallon lip sync to it with Emma Stone!
Yam: Phillip Phillips’ new album Behind the Light. Really love his voice!
Pinky: I’ve been playing this great playlist on Spotify named “Morning Commute” on repeat. Some great songs I’d never heard before , but really enjoy now: Dillon Francis – “Without You” / Wet – “Dreams” / Chromeo – “Jealous” / Rizzle Kicks – “Down With the Trumpets” / Yuna – “Rescue” / Grouplove – “Let Me In” (TFIOS #FEELINGS. OMG. Actually the whole soundtrack is great.)

Currently… wanting:
CH: Still, to escape and get on an airplane. (So much that I created this. Ha! Had to plug it.)
Yam: to be in Brasil for the World Cup 🙁 I thought I would get to go, but I didn’t plan it very well so I’m just watching the tournament from thousands of miles away. My feet have long been itching to go to South America!
Pinky: more time to do all the things on my list- catch up on PL, clean my closet, clean my crafts room. I can never seem to set aside big chunks of time to do these things.

Currently loving:
: SF Design Week! It’s starting next week, and I can’t wait for all the fun events (which include a studio tour of Twitter HQ and an event with my design hero Tina Roth Eisenberg, aka Swiss-Miss!)
Yam:  the weather this week (I think the rainy season has officially started) + getting lots of crafting time, thanks to a sudden burst of creative inspiration and the Independence Day holiday.
Pinky: the Carlos Celdran tour I went on over the weekend. Super entertaining, enjoyable, informative! Great for foreigners and Filipinos alike. I actually really learned a lot more than I was expecting to. Yes, I’m a nerd. 🙂

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