Pinky’s Project Life: Fun with Vellum

Hi friends! I’m back to give you guys an update on my Project Life progress. Sad to say I’m about two months behind — trying not to pressure myself to catch up since living a good life is more important than hurriedly documenting it. 🙂

This week I’m sharing a special spread about my family’s Holy Week trip to Crimson, a resort in Cebu — about an hour’s plane ride away from Manila. International readers: We get Holy Thursday and Good Friday off work, so many families travel during this specific weekend. The left side of my layout is about Monday to Wednesday only.


That card in the bottom right is a sweet note from my teammate. I added another card (cut up a bit to match the extra space) and finally dug into my wood veneer stash to embellish it a bit. And how much do I love baby George? (If you’ve been reading our Currently posts, you’ll know the answer: SO MUCH.)

PMN_2Why yes, that is the packaging of a new lipstick I bought that week!

I love being able to add “real life things” to my albums. Movie and concert tickets make the most appearances. Sometimes business cards from restaurants that I particularly like, and the occasional note from my officemates. 🙂 It just adds another element to my album as a “visual diary.”


PMN_3I made this layout last Sunday — the time crunch somehow made me more productive, thank you Ateneo training — so I reverted to what I consider my “classic” style – full-size photos, writing directly on the photo, one to two embellishments per pocket only. I have so many more photos from this trip – but I asked myself what I really want to remember, and only printed out a photo representing each of those things on my list. It helps that I’m on Instagram – the photos I post on IG are usually what end up in my layouts, since (obviously) these photos are the ones I like the best.


I fill up a Currently card every Thursday and (mostly) try to keep them in the same pocket throughout the album as the weeks go by. It was my first time to bring a blank one on vacation and I’m so glad I did! Lots of little things documented. Plus, I like how much of my handwriting is on display. I used to hate my penmanship growing up and by doing Project Life this way, I’m learning to love it.

The highlight of this week’s spread, though, is the giant 12×12 photo I printed on vellum. Vellum is translucent paper that can have a very nice somewhat-see-through effect when done right. I had seen this post by Jamaica Makes a few weeks earlier, and was blown away by the idea of printing such a large photo on vellum. It looked AMAZING on hers, so I was glad to have found the opportunity to try it out.


How it looks outside of the plastic protector. It’s so pretty, it could be in a magazine!

I did a little happy dance when I saw that this had come out so well. Important note: my printer can only print as big as 8.5″ by 11″, so I had to borrow my cousin’s large format printer to try this out in 12×12 size. I want to try it on a smaller scale (maybe 3×4 or 4×6) soon though! If you want to try it yourself, many people recommend that you set the print quality to ‘Transparency’ to give you a better finished product. The vellum I use is American Crafts, but I’m not sure if it’s available in local scrapbook supplies stores.

Here’s how it looks on top of the right hand side of my spread:


Here’s how it looks when the page protector is turned:

PMN_7I quite like how the sun/clouds card matched up with the sky. I didn’t even plan it that way! Also that Happy Easter and This is the Life are peeking through. 🙂

My supplies weaknesses are travel, vellum, and gold – I’m so much more likely to impulse buy when I see supplies that fall under these categories. This layout has them all <3

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